Google Search will Soon Allow People to Book Medical Checkups

Google announced on Thursday that it will allow users a new feature to book health care appointments and regular medical checkups with Google search.

Users looking to fix a same-day clinic visit or medical check-up can use Google Search platform to see the availability of particular health care professionals in their respective area. Google decided to partner with MinuteClinic at CVS to begin with this process.

Users can search for a MinuteClinic near where they live, and Google will show results of the types of appointments users can schedule. Users will be able to book a visit for a check-up, skin condition, vaccination, an injury, or illness without leaving Google search.

The new feature by Google will be helpful for people without regular caretakers or for people who can’t visit their current doctor.

Google said the new feature of booking health care appointments is still in the initial stages of rolling out. Google hopes to add more partners and to the overall functionality of the feature for making it easier for people to access the medical care they need.