Gregg Smith: A Promising Leader in IP Security

Gregg Smith | CEO | Attila Security, Inc.
Gregg Smith | CEO | Attila Security, Inc.

In today’s digital world Internet, AI, Cloud Computing, IOT, and many others all are connected. All the valuable information are stored in these systems. Securing this data becomes crucial, especially in the world leading companies where big network systems are interconnected. A lot of valuable information is stored and the data is at risk because of the security threats. These security threats can be malware, ransom wares, viruses, Trojans, hacking, and so on. Leading these companies is a great responsibility and motivation at the same time for any CEO as he is the front face of the leading business and involved in direct conferences with partners and customers. With a firm believer of the proverb ’leader is born, not made’, Gregg Smith, the CEO of Attilia Security is committed to protecting the nation state data theft. He was also a former CEO at Silent Circle and Optio Labs.

Below is his story, 

Gregg’s journey into leadership started in scouting and on the lacrosse field rather than in the boardroom. He has completed his education from Westfield High School and St Mary’s College of Maryland. His experiences captaining lacrosse teams in high school and college, as well as achieving Eagle Scout honors have provided him with the necessary foundation in leadership, to quickly propel him through the corporate ranks, and eventually rise to CEO of several different companies. From the various paths taken on his leadership journey, he has learned that the most vital aspect of leadership is putting importance on teamwork. Cultivating and motivating a team of talented and driven individuals to work as a team is paramount to the success of any company.

With a strong focus to marketing products to the enterprise and governments, he is a leader in both the cybersecurity, mobile, and technology (SW/HW) arenas. According to Gregg, In addition to a strong leader, a CEO must be a good listener, a hard worker, and most importantly strive to build a culture of “We” vs. “I”. The best CEOs hire people smarter than themselves – people, with profound knowledge in their respective areas of expertise.

CEOs in the cyber-security sector need to have a strong understanding of business strategy, threats, customer needs, and how a company’s technology can solve it. Gregg says, at Attila Security, the company value customer input. The organization’s early adopters provided significant feedback, and at one-point customers began to pay for enhancements to bring the offering to other areas of their business. The company’s product GoSilent suite solves some of the biggest security challenges facing both enterprise and government agencies today. GoSilent is the first truly portable security solution that can be used to safely transmit sensitive data – even classified data-over any network, including public Wi-Fi.

The biggest challenges faced by CEOs are growth, capital, and hiring the right people. To overcome them, Gregg believes, if you work as a team, you can overcome almost anything. The cybersecurity space is evolving rapidly, so it is necessary to be able to turn quickly to maintain a competitive advantage. Having historical industry knowledge is definitely helpful, as well as knowing the current trends and new advancements within the industry. On a daily basis, he reads several publications and news blasts about the current on-goings of the industry. Likewise, he acts as the face of Attila as much as he can communicate directly with customers and partners, speaking at conferences, leading business engagement, and selling, always selling.

Gregg regularly immerses himself within the industry and focus mainly on staying up to date with industry trends and maintaining a constant presence in the field. He is going to continue as CEO of Attila Security. “This is an exciting time for us as a company,” says Gregg. The network security company has reached an outstanding milestone and is now officially in-evaluation with NIAPmeaning that it may be used to allow any IP-enabled device to connect to U.S. government networks (over any network, including public Wi-Fi). He is also planning to grow the company’s Maryland employment base by 100% this year and increase the enterprise deployments. He hopes to make Attila the market leader in portable security. His unique vantage point enables him to take a strategic approach to decisions about the company’s capital growth, technology development, and resource management.

About Attilia Security 

In an increasingly flexible workforce, secure remote connectivity is crucial. Attackers have shifted their focus from the corporate infrastructure to the end user, as this often represents a weak link in the security chain. Whether users are connecting by insecure networks or from personal devices, IT departments are in the unpleasant position of trying to enforce security without hampering productivity. Based in Fulton, MD, Attila Security is directly tackling this challenge for enterprises and government agencies alike by delivering a portable, user-friendly solution for remote connectivity which enforces standardized security controls using strong encryption regardless of the device or network being utilized. It is a leader in endpoint security, with extensive experience in cyber defense, Defense Industrial Based supply chain management and enterprise security governance and policy. The company’s award-winning GoSilent technology was designed to protect governments and enterprises from advanced cyber-attacks, zero-day threats, and personal identity theft. The organization protects connected devices from the tidal wave of cyber activity estimated to cost the global economy more than $400 billion annually.