Growing Bigger and Stronger, Spirit Airlines Earns the Newark Airport Rights

Spirit airlines newark airport

Spirit Airlines won the rights to the take-off and landing at the busy Newark Airport. This humble low-cost carrier bagged the opportunity amidst the frequent operational challenges arising from other airlines.

Spirit Airlines will receive exclusive rights to 16 peak hour slots for landing and take-off at Newark Liberty International Airport as told by the US department of transportation.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, the Newark airport’s capacity is scheduling 79 arrivals or departures per hour. As per the statement released on Tuesday, the government mentioned that Spirit Airlines is most likely to provide the lowest fares to most consumers.

Spirit Airlines which won the exclusive rights of the 16 peak hour slots, ended the contest beating the competitors Frontier Group Holdings Inc. and JetBlue respectively.

The decision came in as a recognition of the customer dedication and lowering of the airfares initiated by Spirit Airlines, thereby denying the competitors Alaska Air and JetBlue Airways Corp.