Hernando Celada: Revolutionizing Healthcare by Aligning IT with Business Strategy

Hernando Celada(L), CIO at ChenMed LLC
Hernando Celada(L), CIO at ChenMed LLC

Every industry today needs leaders who are techies at heart, have a deeper understanding of the business, and can effectively collaborate with other business functions. One such leader we, at CIO Look, came across is Hernando Celada.

Hernando Celada is the Chief Information Officer of ChenMed, a fast-growing, technology-driven healthcare provider and long-recognized leader in value-based care. At ChenMed, Hernando is responsible for aligning the technology strategy and assets with the company’s vision and mission. Hernando is also the Head of ChenMed’s software company, CTech, where he oversees the development of ChenMed’s custom-built tools, including their homegrown electronic health records (EHR) system, which is designed specifically for value-based care. His proven track record of aligning IT and business strategy has enabled ChenMed to scale to about 100 locations in 12 states.

Disrupting Healthcare with Technology at Center

ChenMed is the largest family-owned, physician-led primary care provider serving the neediest and most underserved populations in America. At ChenMed, Hernando and the team are disrupting healthcare as they know it with its technology at the center.

ChenMed’s value-based care model allows them to provide VIP care at a lower cost to the most overlooked and underserved patients by traditional healthcare models. Hernando believes the work he and his team do at ChenMed will revolutionize the way we view healthcare, both in the United States and across the globe. And others agree – Fortune Magazine named ChenMed one of its Change the World companies for 2020 and Great Place to Work Institute certified ChenMed as a Great Place to Work® in 2021 

Solving Complexity for Value-based Providers with Holistic Solution

Hernando further expresses that CTech has developed a highly differentiated technology platform built specifically for at-risk primary care. Most providers across the country operate in a fee-for-service environment which is straightforward, but doesn’t serve doctors nor their patients well.

The value-based care model allows ChenMed to provide VIP care at a lower cost to patients underserved by traditional fee-for-service. But value-based care is complex and requires caring for the whole patient, which traditional off-the-shelf platforms are not equipped to support. CTech solves this complexity for value-based providers and practices with a holistic solution that provides a 360-degree view of the patient. Further, CTech’s platform was built with the physician in mind: its data-driven best practice alerts are built directly into the workflow to provide easy-to-action recommendations.

Building High Performing Teams and Strong Workplace Culture

When it comes to its technology, Hernando believes that the best way to produce excellent products is by building high-performing teams and creating a strong workplace culture.

In addition to driving value through cutting-edge, custom-built tools that drive the best health outcomes for ChenMed’s patients, Hernando also has experience in building high-performing teams and a strong company culture. IDG’s Insider Pro and Computerworld recently recognized ChenMed as one of the top 100 Best Places to Work in IT. Hernando has built a culture of positivity, which fosters passion and innovation among its team members.

Because ChenMed’s work is mission driven, Celada says that it was crucial to build a custom EHR system that focuses on delivering better patient outcomes for the neediest populations. ChenMed’s commitment to improving lives extends beyond its patient care and is reflected in its investment in its employees. ChenMed invests in skill-building for its staff by offering exceptional growth resources, leadership programs, mentoring, competitive compensation, technical training and certification.

Delivering Custom-Built Care

Hernando believes that clinical care is just one of several factors in a patient’s total health. Delivering complete VIP care requires attention to be paid to other aspects, including genetic code, zip code, and lifestyle behaviors, he says. “Our custom-built, 100 percent cloud-based system enables our primary care physicians and care teams to be successful in this model,” asserts Hernando.

Providing Best Course of Treatment Possible

Talking about the next big change in the healthcare industry, Hernando mentions that consumer expectations will continue to drive innovation in healthcare. Over the last year and a half, with the boom of virtual care and other digital healthcare tools, patients want care on their terms, and technology can help healthcare systems deliver on that expectation.

Through wearable technology, healthcare providers can learn more about their patients than ever before in an effort to tailor care plans and provide the best course of treatment possible. Finally, augmented, not artificial, intelligence will be a gamechanger. While physicians will ultimately make decisions for their patients’ care, data-driven recommendations can enable them to do so efficiently and with better predictability.

Aspiring to Create Impact

Hernando believes his path will lead him where he can make the greatest amount of impact for ChenMed as well as the healthcare system overall. His experience in technology has afforded him the opportunities he has been presented to date, but he also has a huge passion for the business overall.

Enlightening Younger Ones

In his advice to budding leaders in the healthcare sector, Hernando says, “Develop relationships with your business stakeholders – be a thought partner, not just an order taker. The best ideas and most successful results are born from the collaboration between technology and business leaders.”