How The Role Of Manager Is Changing In Modern Times


As times change, so too must the job roles that have existed since the dawn of production. Managers have always been the individuals responsible for maintaining the productivity of a team, and that is the same across every industry.

While every company still needs managers to perform these duties, the job role has changed slightly in the modern age. Things haven’t altered much, but some changes should be of note to anyone pursuing the role of manager. Read on to find out more.

Proactive Methods

Management has always had an authoritarian label attached. The role requires you to set tasks for those who work for you, all while accepting full responsibility for anything that does not meet expectations. As such, you do have a sense of authority to maintain.

However, this authoritarian approach to management has slipped in recent years. You are just as likely to see a manager being proactive and hands-on in their job role as you are to see a manager that only deals with higher responsibilities. It is more acceptable for managers to work as equal team members while maintaining their role as team leaders.

Equality In The Workplace

Speaking of equality, this is one aspect that many businesses are trying to address as we move forward into a more progressive era. A few years ago, it wasn’t uncommon for all managers in a company to be men but that is slowly changing as more women are opting to join executive roles.

Some modern universities and colleges offer women in leadership courses for anyone looking to work in women’s management. Therefore, the role of management is no longer one that is solely occupied by men. Now, anyone can give it a go if they have the relevant qualifications.

New Leadership

Advancement is a great factor in any job role. As such, your current role as manager won’t last long before you are offered more senior positions. Most companies nowadays promote people within the company rather than hiring external people whenever a new management position opens.

Therefore, a big part of modern management is preparing the employees on your team for the next step in their careers. This means engaging with them and sharing some of the knowledge that relates to your job role.

Merging Departments

As companies become more inclusive and innovative, people are encouraged to share more within the workplace. There used to be a time when every department head focused solely on their team and its productivity; however, technology has made sharing data in real-time a reality.

As a result, it is more common for department heads to collaborate in today’s business climate. Everyone should be pulling toward the same goal, which means that modern managers need to know how to communicate with other department heads during a standard workday.


As you can see, there are many societal factors that have changed the way we view management. Fortunately, you should be trained for your next role adequately thanks to this shift into equality, making the job of a manager easier and fairer than it has ever been.