Importance of Moodle Exam Proctoring


With the advancement in technology people are finding a vast difference in the educational system too. These changes have not only made the educational system more advanced but at the same time eased the life of the people facing difficulties in the system. As we all know now every single thing from ordering a pen to booking apartments can be online with an ease. Hence the same goes for the educational system with the introduction of online moodle exams most of the candidates are benefitted from it. With the help of software like moodle exam proctoring one can easily conduct the test without any hurdle. Most often there are situations where due to some family emergencies people miss out their important examinations, but with the new methods introduced one can easily give their exams from the home itself.

You do not have to create a whole lot of mess while giving these tests; you just need to have a device. Furthermore which has a good internet connection so that the moodle exams don’t get interrupted in between due to the low quality of internet connection? The software needed for the examination has been installed before the procedure. Login id and the password are provided by the center prior examination so the students must know the process to access their id.

What is an online examination?

Online examination is a process where a student can give exams via their personal devices. Occasionally due to strike or some other reasons people from distant cannot take part in the exams as they stay in faraway places. But with the help of online examination on a can have the facility to give their exams from wherever they are living. There is plenty of software used to make the online examination successful. As the human proctor is not available in the times of exam these proctoring softwares fulfill the need. Hence with the use of proper software the online exams can be conducted without much hindrance. The basic need of the online examination is to have a gadget with an uninterrupted internet system and the apps that are important according to the center have to be downloaded before exams start; the webcam should be working properly.

As mentioned above the software used for the exams are extremely important for the success of the exam. With the help of this software one can get the honest result. The settings of the examination are done in such a way that just after the exam has finished the page shut down by it. Hence no extra time will be given to the candidates.

Moodle is software which is used to identify whether the student giving the examination is the same from the start. It takes various pictures of the candidate while the video is going on for the identification process.


There are several benefits of using a moodle exam proctoring system. Some of the basic benefits are as follows:-

  • Accessible- While online proctoring the center must use the software which can be monitored easily. As the future of the candidates are based on the result of the exams. The software used by the center must be easy to use. All the students who have applied for the exams will be there at the same time. Hence the software has to be easily accessed by the invigilators with just a click.
  • Verify the candidate- The foremost important task of the software is to verify the candidate conducting exams. Most often we come to see the relatives or the friend of the candidate who is more intelligent, support them or sit in their place throughout the exams. But it will be quite impossible for the people conducting the online examinations as the software used throughout the exams are very advanced. The main purpose of the moodle is to verify the candidate. While the online exams are going on the moodle captures numerous pictures of the candidate through the webcam. It is so to ensure if the candidate opting for the examinations is the same candidate who has applied for it.
  • Observe the candidate- By the means of this software the supervisor can keep a keen eye on each and every candidate. The software records every bit of activity of the candidate throughout the examination process. If the supervisor has any doubt regarding the candidate one can always check the recorded video for the final result.
  • Genuine reviews- Most often we have noticed some of the invigilators are biased with their favorite candidate or the candidate they know. But this bias process cannot be repeated during the online exams as the software gives genuine results for each and every candidate.
  • Cheating is not possible- The software from the very start records and captures the activity of the candidate. Hence cheating in the exam is next to impossible, if the software senses any sort of trouble the candidate’s exam will be stopped at the same point.
  • Supports other software- As there is number of software used during the exams. All the software must have the ability to cope with the other for the smooth examinations.

The online exams have gained a huge number of popularity in recent years. They are extremely beneficial for all the candidates. The candidates can save a whole lot of time and money which would have been spent on the physical exam process. One doesn’t need to travel a long distance for the exams and can conduct the exams from their comfort zone. The moodle exams can be successful only if the proctoring software is useful and up-to-date. With the help of this software one can get the genuine and honest result as the software is all digitized and no human interference is there. The personal information provided by the candidate is secured by the software. The future of the candidate can be more secure with the proper use of this software. Hence the online proctoring moodle exams cannot be completed without using the moodle for exam proctoring.

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