Ina Behrendt: Engraining Innovation for the Next Generation

Ina Behrendt | Chief Innovation Officer | Miami Ad School Europe | CEO | Infinity Campus | Miami Ad School Europe & Infinity Campus
Ina Behrendt | Chief Innovation Officer | Miami Ad School Europe | CEO | Infinity Campus | Miami Ad School Europe & Infinity Campus

Humankind has come a long way from lighting fire with stones to being a part of the digital world. The only aspect that continuously transformed our adaptability throughout the centuries is innovation. Toda y, much thought goes into innovation to constantly embrace the digital transformation to impact almost e very industry worldwide. With such a distinct approach, Ina Behrendt implies her expertise to foster sustainable change by driving innovative change with a strong focus on creative marketing and mainly the education niche.

As the Chief Innovation Officer at Miami Ad School Europe, Ina re-in vents the educational system for the digital age, helping current and future business leaders, how to navigate, learn and stand out these days. She is also the Chief Executive Officer of the new brainchild of Miami Ad School Europe: Infinity Campus – its new e-learning platform ( Ina’s thought leadership has always brought transformative shifts making her an influential leader. Her award-winning work over the last decades symbolize her excellence in digital advertising, working with world-renowned brands.

Let us dive into Ina’s journey.

Nurturing Impacting Innovation

Since Ina became part of the management board, 6 years ago, she shifted strategic tides from traditional to more sustainable future strategies, encouraging three crucial aspects:

  • Listening, observing & learning, and using data to inform strategic decision making to see, understand and think.
  • Inspiration and fostering a culture of creativity and prototyping to do and make!
  • Collaboration & networking to gain more diversity in e very kind of aspect to care!

Ina understands the importance of innovation as digital has become the new norm. It drives organizations to change products and services, tapping into the new markets to stay relevant, further affecting the educational field. Ina is leading with responsibility, to create and design an educational system that breeds future creative innovators right from the start or uplift those, who are already professionals. She co-founded recently Infinity Campus, a new and outstanding e-learning platform, driving education and life-long learning to the forefront of contemporary education. Apart from being an innovator, Ina is skilled at solving problems and thinking like an entrepreneur. She often collaborates with numerous companies to bring the much-needed innovation to life. She is as well a frequent speaker at local and global tech/innovation conferences and summits.

Becoming a Voice

Addressing the gender imbalance in STEM fields, Ina co-founded the ” Women in Technology” initiative in Sydney, Australia. It is a comprehensive and innovative program designed to nurture education and provide women employment opportunities. The program aimed to push for a culture change in the digital and tech field through addressing digital industry gender issues with a significant national program launch. The key pillars of the program are education and employment with young women in high school and tertiary institutions exposed to panels, experts, workshops, and mentors. Ina says, “It’s important to give women more confidence and opportunities in the industry, particularly when it comes to knowing how to advance their careers.”

Ina wants to push boundaries at the intersection of art, design, technology, and creative engineering. “I aim to turn the back towards too tech nerdy perceived roles with my goals to re-invent the definition regarding the needs in the industry,” says Ina.

Real World Experience on Campus

Miami Ad School is a network of 15 schools around the globe and has built its reputation over 29 years as one of the world’s most awarded schools in higher education in the creative and marketing industry. It is well known for producing outstanding creative graduates ready to work from the first day on the job. With Infinity Campus, Ina and her co-founders, brought the advanced training and courses online, collaborated with new partners, and developed formats that did not exist. The platform aims to establish a unique campus for special courses, training, summits, and boot camps of an expansive network of mentors – available online regardless of one’s physical location by mixing even more technology into its creative bloodstream, next to people’s jobs.

Infinity Campus means Transformation – means Movement – a Development of yourself, your knowledge, and your Creativity. It means pulsating, moving, pushing boundaries, and yourself to the next level. It means to transform! Ina notes, “Be in a flow with other like-minded people and receive inspiration – take them, give them and evolve them. It’s something with an individual touch as well as a timelessness. You’ll feel it & you’ll see it: a certain pulse – more than an impulse, which takes you further – continuous and infinite! Be yourself and express your power through knowledge, inspiration, intuition, and creativity. For that, you’ll need a neighborhood – your neighborhood, a personal place to BE! WELCOME to THE HOOD!”

With innovation, diversity, and mindset in its DNA, Infinity Campus addresses specific needs to impact people’s lives positively and push their skills to the next level.

Setting an Upward Curve for Future

Future holds many opportunities, but it is uncertain, and innovation is the only effective way to adapt and stand out to upcoming changes. It is essential to enable creative minds to have outstanding ideas throughout constant change and transformation to create future leaders. With Ina’s transformative ideas, Miami Ad School Europe & their Infinity Campus platform strive to instill the best for future creatives & marketeers, strategic thinkers, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Ina shares, “Infinity Campus is a network of endless opportunities, where we foster collaboration and creative solutions for existing challenges. We want to inspire and push the boundaries, with passion for the inventor, rebels, entrepreneurs and the visionary.”