Increasing Requests to Boycott Etsy’s Services for Withholding Sellers’ Payments


An online store Due to Etsy’s refusal to pay its vendors, there are increasing demands for a boycott of the marketplace.

Some sellers struggled to trade because of a reserve system that caused 75% of their takings to be frozen for 45 days.

Stephen James, a furniture vendor, is one of the many people who have joined social media groups urging other vendors to leave the site in protest.

How many people would participate in any boycott is unclear. Etsy announced that it would keep reviewing its reserve mechanism.

Furthermore, payment reserves were used to “keep the marketplace safe” and cover any potential refunds, the company said, adding that it took seller feedback seriously.

Liz Barclay, the small business commissioner, told the BBC that her team was receiving more and more complaints about Etsy.

As more people joined social media groups to discuss a strike or boycott, they observed this as well.

The Etsy Reserve Strike group on Facebook has more than 800 members, and many of them are exchanging advice on switching to other online marketplaces to sell their wares.

The r/EtsyStrike sub-Reddit has been created on Reddit as a thread. Not on Amazon has developed into a forum where Etsy vendors may voice their grievances.

A seller would place their shop on holiday mode, essentially discouraging customers from making purchases from them, in the event of a strike or boycott of Etsy.

How many sellers there are and how many of them would support a strike is unknown in these social media groups.

A boycott, however, may reduce the amount of commission and fees that Etsy collected from each sale given that the country has just under a million users.

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