Innovations in Plumbing: Enhancing Efficiency in Building Management

Building Management

When you become a property owner, you inherit a long list of responsibilities. While it is important to take care of your own home, it is an even bigger priority to keep tenants happy if you own a residential or commercial building that people pay rent to use.

Managing a building is a tall task because there are so many components that need to be maintained. The structure has to be safe, the appliances must be in working order, the HVAC systems have to operate well, and the amenities must keep the tenants happy so they stick around and continue to pay rent.

One of the most important systems in a building is the plumbing network. It connects toilets, sinks, water appliances, pipes, valves, and other components to the water supply system. Paying for constant repairs will be a drain on your budget, making it harder to turn a profit from the property. Let’s talk about some of the current innovations in the world of plumbing that can help you manage the building efficiently.

Reusable Materials

If the goal is to reduce the impact of the building on the environment, then recycling and reusing materials is necessary. Plastic is the perfect material for repurposing, and it is now being used to create plumbing components, fixtures, and even some water appliances to prevent more plastic from being discarded into the environment. Metal pipes made from copper and steel can also be recycled, so if you have aging pipes that need replacing, they can be repurposed for other uses for your building.

Tankless Water Heaters

Water heater tanks typically store a large volume of hot water until it is needed. A tankless water heater only heats up water when it is in demand, so it uses far less energy and less water. The upside to providing tankless water heaters is that they are far more efficient than traditional water heaters, so you will save money on operating costs once you get past the initial cost of installation.

Smart Plumbing Systems

Learning to manage risks is crucial in business. A huge risk to your building and tenants is water leakage from plumbing systems. It can cause a lot of damage that will be costly to repair. However, modern smart plumbing systems can connect plumbing to smart home devices via the Internet of Things. One primary benefit of this connection is that leaks in the plumbing can be automatically detected and the water supply shut off immediately. This could save you thousands of dollars in repairs, as well as prevent an unhappy tenant from vacating the space and no longer paying rent.

Greywater Recycling Systems

Greywater is a type of wastewater that has some chemicals in it, but none that are incredibly dangerous. It comes from sources like sinks and showers. With a greywater recycling system in place, that water can be reused for other purposes, like plant irrigation and even toilet flushing. This will dramatically reduce the amount of water being used in the building, which will save you money on utilities.

Hot Water Recirculation

Another method of saving water is through hot water recirculation. Typically, when someone requires hot water from a faucet or shower head, they will have to turn on the hot water and wait for the cold water to become warm. This results in a lot of wasted water down the drain while they wait. With hot water recirculation, warm water is kept moving through the pipes so that it is ready to be used whenever someone needs it. Once they turn on the hot water faucet, they will instantly have what they need without wasting cold water to get to that point.

Learn Plumbing Skills Yourself

If your goal is to save money on plumbing repairs and installations, you can become a licensed plumber yourself. This would be a useful skill as a building manager, especially if you plan to expand your property portfolio in the future. As a licensed plumber, you can do the work yourself and avoid those high labor costs. Each state has different requirements for plumbing contractors. Studying for a North Carolina plumbing license is not the same as it is for a California plumbing license. Some states like New York and Kansas do not offer statewide licensing, but base it on localities. Research the local regulations for plumbing licenses to see what your path to certification is so you can save on costs for building management.

Prioritize Efficiency to Squeeze Every Dollar From Your Plumbing System

Whether you own a home, a residential rental property, or a commercial building, plumbing is a necessity to maintain a comfortable environment. The best way to design an efficient building with low utility costs is to rely on modern plumbing innovations like greywater recycling systems and tankless water heaters. However, you must still balance them with comfortable amenities for customers who use the building. Find a balance of efficient systems that provide greater utility and lower costs to enhance your building management practices.