Is Microsoft 365 outage issue Resolved?


Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) shares that it is restoring its online services after an outage affected thousands of users of its 365-software suite, including Teams and Outlook, for more than five hours.

Also, access to its productivity software, such as Word and Excel, was down for nearly 18,000 users at its peak before easing to 906 at around Monday 12:57 p.m. ET, according to reports, while tracking internet outages. “We are resolving an issue avoiding users from gaining access to some of our services,” a Microsoft spokesperson said.

Microsoft identified the outage earlier by stating that it was examining an issue with accessing Outlook on the web and later added that operating Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for business was affected. The tech company shared that it had rolled back a system update to resolve the outage without providing insights on any details.

Microsoft’s cloudy productivity services are experiencing an up-and-down day, with two outages making situations unhappy for its users. At the time of prose, the Outlook email service has been into an issue since Monday, 18:30 ET (22:30 UTC). An earlier incident took out multiple Microsoft 365 services, including Outlook, Teams, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business.

The earlier outage started hitting organizations around 10:00 ET (14:00 UTC) and meant users could not access email or work on other services. At the peak of the problem, around Monday, 12:00 ET reported 17,000 complaints from people affected by the outage.