Italy Golden Visa: A Quick Guide for Investors

Golden Visa
Golden Visa

The reputation of countries in the international space has an impact on wealthy entrepreneurs. Immigrants choose the best option from those offered, considering the quality of life, the environment among the inhabitants, and the prospects that will be available to them.

A few dozen states are meeting expectations. But in order to attract more funds, the government is making serious decisions. Thus, the first programs for investors appeared, which are described in the popular Golden Visa guides. The advantage of investment guides is that evaluating the peculiarities of the offers of interest is possible.

Italy is known as a country with an excellent climate and a rich history. But this is not what influences the interest of immigrants. Foreigners obtain one of the permit options (temporary or permanent residence permit, citizenship) in different ways. However, investors have an additional option – obtaining a permit for contribution to the economy or other vital areas.

Requirements and Eligibility Criteria

Any immigrant who comes from a non-EU country can apply. There are several requirements, including no criminal history and proof of legal capital accumulation. But the applicant must choose an investment option and contribute funds in a set amount:

  • support for innovative startups in Italy – from 250 thousand euros;
  • investment of an Italian company – from 500 thousand euros;
  • charitable contribution – from 1 million euros;
  • bond purchase – from 2 million euros.

The minimum period of ownership is two years. If one wants to extend the decision on immigration for an additional three years, it will be necessary to remain the owner of shares (bonds). After a minimum of 5 years from the date of issuance of the temporary permit, the investor (and his family, if required) can apply for a permanent residence permit.

Process of obtaining Italy Residence by investment

The procedures under the Italy Golden Visa by investment program take up to 6 months. The duration depends on the consulate and its workload. The minimum period of application processing is 30 working days. Accurate compliance with the recommendations will speed up the issuance of permits.

It is better to apply for the golden visa program with the help of lawyers. Specialists will help to prepare documents and formalize them according to the current regulations. Kenley Henderson, a My Golden Visa agency specialist, shares this opinion.

The information provided in the application is checked with special care. The government wants confirmation of the entrepreneur’s trustworthiness. Added applicants do not make investments in the country but are also checked for eligibility (age, marital status, finances).

Benefits of Italy golden visa

Capital diversification is one of the main advantages of participation. The program allows not only to obtain a temporary residence permit but also access to the rights of the local population. One of the main privileges of the residents is the possibility to travel without prior visa registration. The country is a member of the EU and offers its citizens a simple movement program.

The tax payment system deserves special mention. Investors are not subject to double taxation, which makes the country stand out. This factor is an opportunity for wealthy entrepreneurs to continue working.

Healthcare System

Medical services are available to all country residents registered in the system. Thus, Italy Golden Visa opens access to quality medicine and required services. Registration in the system is sufficient for medical services. It is possible to register remotely.

Lifestyle and Culture

The culture of Italy looks exciting and fascinating. Delicious food, cultural landmarks, and recognizable styles are available with a temporary view. The high standard of living combined with the beauty of Italian cities is mesmerizing, and the opportunity to enjoy it on a daily basis deserves to be noticed.

Permanent residents treat immigrants and expats well. Friendliness and willingness to help distinguish the population. This support makes it a pleasant place to raise children, live, and grow a business.

Safety and Happiness

The low crime rate is another reason to move to Italy. It offers a comfortable environment for the safety and security of the resident population. Investors who are puzzled to find a safe environment for their children have everything they need thanks to Italy’s residence by investment.

Lack of citizenship will not prevent you from visiting the country when needed. It is enough to have a permit to cross the border during the period of restrictions. In addition, Italy is a country that has been developing a stable economy and maintaining political balance for decades.


The offer of obtaining an Italy golden visa has remained relevant for many years. The low investment threshold and the advantages of residence lure ambitious entrepreneurs. The fast processing of applications also contributes to its popularity.