Jackie Rainforth: The Rainmaker of Change in Sales & Leadership Training

Jackie Rainforth, Founder, Director, CEO, Sales & Leadership Expert, Rainmakers Business

Founder and CEO of the nationally acclaimed Rainmakers Business Solutions, Jackie Rainforth, is a global award-winning and much sought-after sales trainer, conference speaker, and management consultant, nationally recognized for her customizable, value-added sales, sales leadership, and business learning programs and presentations. Her proven selling and leadership strategies continue to up-level the performance and productivity of professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, sales teams, and organizations, taking them from stalled to unstoppable.

A Motivated Presence

As a facilitator and management consultant, Jackie provides recommendations to improve overall client results and efficiency by reviewing and advising on methods and systems to improve a client’s financial, economic, or technical sales and leadership performance.

Jackie educates, entertains, and empowers audiences with motivating, engaging, and powerful presentations as an internationally recognized speaker. She offers life experience that extends beyond the corporate and entrepreneurial arenas to help elevate people and organizations to higher levels of confidence and success in sales, business, and life. Jackie knows how to create success in business, but she isn’t just teaching it…she knows it, loves it, and lives it.

And she has the awards to prove it. GLOBAL Top 200 Power Voices of Leadership 2022, GLOBAL ThoughtLeader and Influencer to Watch in 2021, RBC Woman of Influence 2021, and Entrepreneur of Canada award nominee, Top 10 Women in Alberta 2020, and more.

Paving the Path

Jackie started her sales training business in 2016 after surviving a tragic, near-fatal scuba-diving incident where she could not breathe 45’ under the water. Literally faced with death and living to tell the tale, a new passion for helping others find confidence and success in life and business became her new path. She knew it was time to share her personal selling system and her experience as she began her journey as the successful entrepreneurial force she is today.

Jackie rose to the top of the male-dominated construction industry. However, when she first started out in sales, she, like many, thought having ‘personality and charm’ and ‘winging it’ would be enough to succeed in selling – it wasn’t. Then she tried following traditional, structured and scripted sales practices that were the status quo in the sales training industry, but they didn’t work either. Too complicated, she knew there had to be a simpler way.

Trusting her instincts, she developed her own unique way of selling, focusing on how she could enhance the customer experience with a ‘simple’ genuinely authentic customer service approach.

The inventive strategy paid off. For over 25 years, Jackie’s sales figures catapulted her as a top performer at every company she worked for. Over time these ‘simple, repeatable processes’ became the foundation for her highly effective and extremely popular ‘SELLING MADE SIMPLE Sales Success System,’ which is now elevating the incomes, revenues, results, and profitability of professionals, entrepreneurs, and organizations. The demand for her management consulting services as well as sales training and speaking has skyrocketed, and she has become a notable innovator in the Sales Training Industry.

Leading From the Front

The concept of ‘Selling Made Simple’ is based on simple, repetitive processes that are easy to learn, retain, and more importantly, implement out in the field. Selling without a plan is like driving a car without a roadmap. Not a very practical or successful way to get to your final destination.

Top sales people are always planned, prepared and practiced with their organizational goals, strategy, conversation and focus predetermined. But most importantly, they are laser focused on the steps of the selling process. ‘Selling Made Simple’ is a system of simple processes that allows you to create a mental map so you know what to say and when to say it, so you can be that confident and authoritative expert that customers trust, respect and want to buy from. Statistics show those who use formal process earn 28% more than those who do not (HBR).

It comes down to neuroscience and the brain. When you lack confidence and competence, your brain shifts from the analytic-left side to the emotional-right side, and due to this, a ‘fight-flight-freeze’ response kicks in. This may lead to you missing important steps in the sales cycle and commit classic mistakes in selling.

Jackie emphasizes on building the fundamental hard skills required in selling is crucial to laying a solid foundation, but technical skill is no longer enough. The ‘Selling Made Simple’ programs utilize a unique, modern, and holistic approach, which is why RAINMAKERS are largely successful in achieving outstanding results for clients.

Jackie has set high standards from her decades of award-winning, record-breaking personal achievements, as a sales representative, regional manager, executive sales leader, and Founder and CEO running her own extremely lucrative sales agency representing a global brand. Highly certified, she has incorporated many exclusive elements and methodologies into her programs to ensure the maximum success rate and return on investment dollar for her clients. Her training and management are unique because of her innovative focus on improving confidence, soft skills and emotional intelligence which cannot be overlooked as they enable employees to work and interact effectively and perform optimally. Harvard Business Review reports that today’s organizations prioritize social skills above technical know-how, as the demand for emotional intelligence and soft skills will continue to grow.

RAINMAKERS is ahead of this curve, leading the change in the sales and business training industries.

‘Personality to Profit’ is a part of the program created by Jackie. This is a powerful, proven technique to easily identify a client’s personality type, purchasing triggers, and communication style. The motives and appeals that lure the prospects allow you to clearly deliver your message in a way that effectively influences and aligns the idea with your client to maximize sales and optimize your business.

With prospecting being such an essential proponent of selling, RAINMAKERS include ‘Powerful Telephone Skills’ and ‘Generating Leads & Finding New Customers’ to hone the real-life skills that companies, salespeople, and business owners require today.

‘Selling Made Simple’ is also distinctive in that it offers coaching sessions, role-play, and focuses on incremental and accountability learning, creating a fully inclusive training or consulting package.

By the People

Here are some testimonials that describe Jackie’s work “Jackie’s training is beyond exceptional! She makes selling simple! My selling excelled beyond my wildest dreams! I was able to increase sales by 77% with my top customer!” – Brittney Wilson, Account Manager

“Jackie Rainforth is an exceptional sales trainer and consultant. Her knowledge, professionalism, and enthusiasm are second to none. Her insight is leading edge, creating custom sales tools that enable our sales associates to excel. Our team was able to apply what they learned and increased sales by 20%.” – Rose-Ann Normandeau, CEO

“I was struggling to secure new customers and generate sales. Jackie changed my life. She helped me re-work all aspects of my sales prospecting and pipeline process. The result…my sales tripled in less than a month, and my confidence drastically improved. I am lucky that Jackie was there for me with the guidance I needed – She is the reason for my success.” – Robert Chmielinski, Sales

Jackie is a strategic thinker which allows her to adapt her training techniques to all levels of employees – from Entry Level to Executive Management.

Her modern, yet simple approach to selling, ensures everyone who completes the ‘Selling Made Simple’ course gains structure and confidence in the face of the customer.

Not only does Jackie have a wide variety of pre-set courses to choose from but can also customize to the company and/or individuals needs.

“Jackie also provides a thorough summary at the completion of each training, along with recommendations to assist management with continually growing their employees’ skill sets. I would highly recommend her to any company, big or small, who is looking to increase the efficiency and productivity of their team.” – Jared Bonnett Partner, Equipco Ltd

Bequeathing Brilliance

“Regardless of where you are in your career, or what your sales or leadership goals are, we have the customized training, speaking, and business management consulting solutions to meet your needs. We help MAKE IT RAIN RESULTS as you take your business to UNSTOPPABLE!”

Jackie Signs…

Jackie signed her highly acclaimed book The Badass Guide to Superstar Selling with words she lives by Dream Big – Push Through Fear and Be Badass in All You Do!