James Bates: A Leader Contributing his Knowledge to Healthcare

James Bates, CEO & Founder, AdviNOWMedical | Business Magazines | CIOLook
JamesBates, CEO & Founder, AdviNOWMedical | Business Magazines | CIOLook

The healthcare industry is evolving by adopting multiple technologies. And, many industrial experts are implicating the same to deliver smart healthcare solutions to the individual as well as businesses. An industry veteran, James Bates, the Founder and CEO of AdviNOW Medical, is taking the healthcare industry to another level by enabling quality, affordable and accessible healthcare services. CIO Look admires such innovations and appreciates their contributions made.

Below is the insightful journey of James, including his initiatives and contributions in the healthcare industry.

Today’s healthcare experience is too often defined by high costs, inefficiency, and long wait times—all of which can limit access to care. AdviNOW Medical’s innovative medical station seeks to transform the patient/provider encounter through the use of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality.

James Bates spent much of his career abroad. During his peak time, he got to see first-hand the healthcare systems of different countries. He saw the disparities between the haves and have-nots for even the most basic healthcare services. Of all the causes he could think to devote himself to, this was the one: to make quality healthcare services affordable and accessible for all walks of life.

James knew whatever the solution would be, it had to be elegant and simple, yet powerful enough to upend the status quo and have the adaptability to integrate into the existing infrastructure and promote change from within. It was a daunting task just to determine where to start.

A physician friend of James’ shared how difficult it was to help his patients while keeping his primary care clinic afloat and not sacrifice his family life in the process. James had an idea of how to help, and the technologies necessary were mature enough to make his vision a reality. So he set forth to help his friend and many doctors like him, so they do not have to make compromises between patient care, making a living, and spending time with loved ones.

Using AdviNOW’s unique AI and AR powered medical station, patients are guided through self-administered steps to collect data such as weight, temperature, blood pressure, and blood oxygen, as well as ear, nose and throat images, and chest, lung and abdomen sounds. Follow-up questions are asked until all the information necessary for a clinical differential diagnosis is acquired. The total process typically takes less than 15 minutes. A complete patient work-up is sent to the provider with a breakdown of predicted illnesses and treatment options—giving them key details that enhance the patient visit. Every detail of the encounter is auto-charted and scribed into the electronic medical record, saving the provider valuable time. The AI also sends the medication and/or procedure orders to the appropriate healthcare partner, and completes the billing process.

The medical station is currently being used in urgent care centers and primary care clinics in Arizona, with a national launch now underway in Safeway-based clinics. AdviNOW Medical also has secured partnerships with GlobalMed and Valley Perinatal Services who are using the station.

AdviNOW Medical’s exciting story is featured in recent editions of Forbes and Healthcare Tech Outlook, where it was named one of the top 10 artificial intelligence solution providers, as well as in Silicon Review, where it was named one of the 30 most reputable companies of 2018; and several other publications. It has also won the award for Outstanding Achievement in Healthcare Delivery from the 2018 Healthcare Leadership Awards, which is sponsored by AZ Big Media. And, for its rapid progression from concept to exciting product launch, it has been honored with the 2018 AZBio Fast Lane Award.

About the Leader

James Bates is the CEO and Founder of AdviNOW Medical. James speaks fluent Japanese and holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Brigham Young University. He is a seasoned technology executive with over 20 years of experience in inventing and managing the development of revolutionary products while leading companies to “best in class” financial performance.

James is a dynamic leader who has demonstrated technological vision and profitable growth in both small and large organizations. Throughout James’s career, he has been involved with almost every major technological breakthrough consumers have experienced, gaining a unique perspective on how AI will change healthcare.

Among his start-up successes, one is Silicon Labs, where he was Vice President of Asian Operations. As founder of the Silicon Labs Asia organization, James built the infrastructure that enabled growth from near $0 to over $300M in revenue while delivering the technology that shrunk mobile phones to fit into a human hand.