James Webb Space Telescope May Help Resolve ‘Dust Budget Crisis’

james web space

Scientists hope to resolve the dust problem using James Webb Space Telescope which will help in further investigations.

Researchers found it difficult to identify the large amount of dust in the universe than what the models have predicted.

The image captured by the very large telescope of European Space Agency gave this recent evidence of dust being released in the universe by some planets or objects. ESA’s telescope captured the images of a triple star group also named Apep after an ancient Egyptian deity.

The scientists have identified that there exists far too much dust in the universe, as compared to their calculated predictions.

This ‘dust budget crisis’, a major issue for astronomical study needs to be solved for effective prediction of dust’s crucial role in hosting molecules key to life, birthing planets and sheltering stars respectively.

Webb telescope is expected to be better positioned in capturing glimpses of this elusive points. Equipped with powerful infrared light, this telescope can penetrate through the dust clouds.