THE Most Promising Name in the Cloud Services Sector

Gal Farchi | Affiliate & Partnership Manager | Kmatera
Gal Farchi | Affiliate & Partnership Manager | Kmatera

As per studies conducted by Forbes, approximately 1.7 MB of new data is generated every second. This speaks volumes of how we, as end-users, are consuming exponential amount of information and that data is possibly omnipresent.

The technology that stores, processes, and analyzes this data is undoubtedly known to us all. The current stage of evolution of this technology, essentially know as cloud Computing, has opened the doors to innumerate possibilities in the digital world.

There are a profound number of companies operating in the cloud computing sector providing a plethora of innovative cloud services and solutions, aiding the development and success of their clients. One such prominent name in the cloud services sector is Kamatera.

In an exclusive interview with CIO Look, Gal Farchi, the Affiliate and Partnership Manager at Kamatera, briefs us about the company’s stronghold in the cloud services market.

“We believe that the combination of providing our clients with great services while being attentive and transparent, is key to our success.”

Below are the highlights of the interview:

Brief our readers about Kamatera, its mission, and vision.

Kamatera was founded as a response to an existing and growing market need for cloud hosting services, more specifically a need to move from physical servers to virtual ones.

In the early days OMC Group, its parent company, started by providing IT services. From providing large-scale IT Services they realized the need of moving services to the cloud in order to decrease the use of resources and maximize efficiency without compromising on performance.

Kamatera’s vision is to help companies and individuals worldwide gain cost-effective, user-friendly, and transparent access to cloud services. The big players in the could sector have and continue to charge clients on traffic-based revenue models that are difficult to understand and where resources are not properly utilized.

Users do not have visibility and do not know what they are being charged for and the overall processes are vague. This is where Kamatera brings its unique competitive values, allowing clients to choose the exact services they need and charging them only for what is being used.

As such, we are able to offer more flexible and customized Cloud Services with 24/7 human support in order to make the services clear and accessible to all clients.

Kamatera’s range of scalable, flexible cloud infrastructure products include: Cloud Servers, Cloud Storage, Backups in the cloud, Private Cloud Network, Cloud Load Balancer, Cloud Firewall, Fully Managed Cloud and we have recently launched “Kubernetes as a Service” based on Rancher – an open source, multi-cloud, non-vendor lock-in Kubernetes Management platform With two decades of experience, we do not aim to specialize in just one element of cloud computing; we simply created a one stop shop for a business to be able to architect and deploy their ideal infrastructure strategy through our infrastructure platform. Our prices are competitive, our quality and performance are high, and our products are flexible. Moreover, we offer a highly interactive customer service, becoming an integral part of our customers’ team, helping clients achieve their business IT goals through our expertise and commitment.

Brief us about your cutting-edge cloud services and solutions which address all the needs of your customers.

With more than 13 data centers worldwide, we provide cloud services focused mainly on VPS Hosting, serving tens of thousands of global clients including start-ups, application developers, SaaS Providers, Technology Resellers, Hosting, ISP, Telecommunication providers as well as small to large professional enterprise clients worldwide.

Today Kamatera operates one the largest VMware based Public Clouds IaaS in the world, supporting tens of thousands of customers globally who are relying daily on Kamatera’s cloud infrastructure and 24/7 expert support team. Our fully certified & compliant ready 13 Top Tier Data Centers across 5 continents empowers Kamatera customers to activate virtual machines anywhere across the world in minutes. With our 20 plus years of expertise, access to the most advanced technologies, and a high level of customer service, Kamatera customers are simply able to achieve more for less.

Describe in detail about the work culture and the values that drive your company.

Kamatera started as a family business founded by two brothers – Yohay and Asaf Azulay. Even though the company has more than 100 employees now, we try to maintain the same family and warm environment values which Kamatera was structured upon.

The environment with the employees is very open and every employee can always approach the CEO or any other Management level Executive with any request or idea. We are very attentive to our partners and there was more than one occasion in the past that a certain Data Center was established due to a partner’s need.

We believe that the combination of providing our clients with great services while being attentive and transparent, is key to our success.

What are your company’s future aspirations? What strategies are you undertaking to achieve those goals?

Our aspiration is, regardless of whether it is a company or an individual looking for a Virtual Private Server Hosting, Kamatera will be their first choice.

The strategy is to offer users a product that will perform great, will be affordable and will answer the client’s needs.

Thus, we are using the following strategies:

  • Fully customized and tailored-made services
  • Unlimited scalability – the user can scale up or down any services he needs
  • 30 Day free trial – every user can try our platform for 30 days for free and can cancel the services anytime without any additional fee
  • Billing options – our clients can choose if they want to be billed on a monthly or daily basis
  • 24/7 Support– human support by email phone and live chat
  • Quick deployment of more than 40 apps and services with just 1 click

Client testimonials

“Thanks to Kamatera and their professional support team we were able to build a stable and scaled infrastructure for our customers and products worldwide.” – Sharon Greenberg, CEO, Agura

“The choice of Kamatera was for the abilities and qualities of their cloud services and online support team that rocks.” – Tzahi Zohar, Founder & CTO, The Video Point

“We have been looking for a good hosting provider and found Kamatera. Since we have joined the company we never looked back. Finally, we could experience hassle free, professional hosting service to cover all our needs worldwide.” – IT Manager, Mano Maritime