Katy Morris: Empowering Change Through Technology

Katy Morris | Client Partner | Global Partnerships
Katy Morris | Client Partner | Global Partnerships

In the heart of BT Group, where global strategies take shape and innovative solutions come to life, Katy Morris stands as a pivotal force. With a rich experience of over eight years in strategy, business transformation, account management, and contract and commercial management, she embodies the essence of leadership as a Client Partner, Global Partnerships.

Katy thrives on combining creativity and problem-solving prowess to overcome intricate business challenges. As a fervent advocate for positive societal and environmental impact, she extends her reach beyond corporate realms.

Moreover, Katy is the driving force behind BT Global’s Digital Impact and Sustainability initiatives. Her passion fuels endeavors to intertwine digital skills volunteering and technology-driven sustainability.

Let’s explore how Katy isn’t just connecting but transforming telecommunications, leaving a legacy of positive change and sustainable progress!

The Algorithm of Progress 

Katy is a visionary leader who embarked on her journey in the realms of Law and International Relations at the University of Portsmouth. “My passion for organizational strategy and employee engagement sparked during my stint at GSK’s Organisation Development Consultancy,” she recalls.

Katy’s expertise bloomed in pharmaceuticals and healthcare, where she championed technology integration. “I crafted leadership frameworks and championed digitization,” she states. Joining BT’s Contract and Commercial Management team, Katy orchestrated network transformations and inspired teams amidst change.

In 2021, Katy started a pivotal role working with a global healthcare insurer, steering connectivity projects. Recently, in the Professional and Business Services sector, she pio[1]neered global partnerships and digital solutions. Simultaneously, she became a Board of Trustees member at the Milton Keynes Community Foundation, infusing her digital prowess into philanthropic endeavours..

Katy’s career is a testament to her commitment to customer experience and technology. “I’ve always believed that technology is a catalyst for business success,” she asserts.

Where Strategy Meets Impact 

Katy champions the mission to empower organizations worldwide. “We’re not just a service provider—we’re architects of thriving businesses,” she passionately affirms. At BT, the focus is on secure and resilient connectivity, transcending boundaries for both small enterprises and large corporations. “Our goal is to be the cornerstone of secure connectivity and collaboration globally,” Katy states, her confidence unwavering.

As the leading business communications provider in the UK, BT unites over a million businesses and public sector entities. “We cater to all tech needs, supporting businesses regardless of size,” Katy emphasizes. BT’s impact isn’t confined to the UK— it is global, they span 180 countries, enabling digital transformations with managed network, security and cloud solutions. “We simplify transitions from the old to the new, driving the digital economy,” Katy adds, embodying the spirit of innovation.

In Katy’s words, BT stands as a powerhouse, investing in futures, simplifying complexities and fostering digital evolution. Their dedication to secure connectivity underscores a commitment to leadership, ensuring businesses flourish in an interconnected world.

Planting Seeds of Change

Katy exemplifies the core values guiding the company. “Personal, simple, brilliant – these words shape our actions,” she emphasizes. For Katy, these values are the essence of her leadership. “Every interaction, every decision is rooted in transparency,” she shares. Open and honest conversations form the bedrock of her relationships with customers and colleagues.

Fairness is her guiding star. “Equity is not negotiable,” she states firmly. Creating an environment where everyone, from colleagues to partners, feels respected and valued is her mission. Passion fuels her every endeavor.

Katy’s personal values align seamlessly with BT’s ethos, shaping her leadership journey. “It’s not just about what we do—it’s about who we are,” she asserts.

Building Bridges to Tomorrow

Katy, a key figure in BT’s innovative endeavors, is at the forefront of their mission to transform possibilities globally. “Our worldwide network and university collaborations drive our pursuit of cutting-edge solutions,” she reveals. With a vast scouting network and strong ties to universities and industries, BT seamlessly integrates international innovations with its expertise, tailoring solutions for diverse customer needs.

Katy emphasizes their continuous evolution, always staying ahead through groundbreaking research in optical fiber, 5G, AI, Quantum Key Distribution, and more. “We’re pioneers, constantly shaping the future,” she states confidently. BT’s robust patent portfolio and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction ensure they deliver unparalleled services.

In Katy’s perspective, BT isn’t just connecting—they are breaking barriers and transforming possibilities globally. “We’re not merely innovating—we’re revolutionizing how people, businesses and communities connect,” she passionately asserts. Through her leadership, BT continues to redefine the landscape of connectivity and innovation.

Tech Tides and Triumphs

Katy emphasizes the fusion of technology with business outcomes. “Translating tech into tangible results is key,” she insists. With her diverse career, she champions the development of various skills, technical or not. “In today’s landscape, IT and digital skills are paramount for all businesses,” Katy advocates, stressing the urgency to make technology mainstream.

Drawing from her expertise in organizational development, Katy focuses on two crucial aspects—integrating technology into the core of businesses and demystifying it. “We need to make tech not just accessible, but thrilling,” she states passionately. Her mission extends beyond—she aims to bridge the digital gap, inspiring both newcomers and seasoned professionals.

Katy’s perspective illuminates the need for an exciting narrative around technology, engaging the workforce and fostering inspiration. “It’s our responsibility to make tech enticing,” she enthuses, underlining the collective effort required. In her vision, technology is the heartbeat of innovation, driving businesses into a vibrant digital future.

Shattering Norms 

Katy echoes the significance of their 2021 Manifesto. “It’s not just a plan—it’s our commitment to responsible, inclusive and sustainable tech,” she asserts. Rooted in their purpose to ‘connect for good,’ the Manifesto propels BT toward becoming the world’s most trusted connector. “We’re not just connecting devices—we’re weaving a fabric of positive impact,” Katy emphasizes, highlighting the Manifesto’s measurable goals and its fusion of purpose with commercial vision.

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) stand at the core. “It’s not merely a checkbox—it’s the essence of our growth,” Katy states emphatically. BT’s commitment is reflected in their bold targets outlined in the Manifesto. “D&I isn’t an option—it’s our strength,” she passionately affirms, underlining the pivotal role diversity plays in BT’s sustainable future. In Katy’s perspective, the Manifesto is a testament to BT’s pledge to shape a future where technology bridges gaps, empowers lives and fosters a truly inclusive world.

Building Bridges in the Cloud 

We are at a pivotal juncture in the world of technology and telecommunications,” says Katy, a guiding light in this transformative landscape. “Amidst the volatility and complexity, it’s not just about new techit’s about reshaping the perception of telecom’s value.”

Katy likens telecom to a vast highway system for information and data. “Imagine data as vehicles traveling these interconnected highways,” she explains. Telecom infrastructure forms the complex network of roads, ensuring seamless communication across channels like cables, fiber and wireless. It’s the backbone of modern society and business.

But Katy envisions more than infrastructure. “We need to educate customers on the value of strong communication and networks,” she asserts. With AI, robotics and automation on the horizon, a robust network is crucial. Sustainability also takes center stage—Katy sees a strong link between it and technology.

In her view, the industry’s future lies in nurturing a robust partner ecosystem, where companies leverage unique skill sets to address evolving challenges. “We are not just telecom providerswe’re enablers of progress,” she expresses.

Beyond the Stars

Katy acknowledges the unpredictability of her personal and professional journey. “I haven’t quite figured it all out,” she admits. When questioned about her long-term vision and company goals, she emphasizes that it’s not just about plans but values and the allure of the unknown. “Uncertainty sparks creativity,’ Katy asserts.

Her commitment lies in making a positive impact through fostering the growth of others. “We’re poised to drive transformation,” she believes, emphasizing BT’s pivotal role in the industry. Katy envisions forging partnerships to catalyze innovation, ultimately connecting more people, devices and services.

Bequeathing Wisdom

Katy is a passionate advocate for technology and diversity and she believes in the power of people in shaping our technological future. “It all starts with people,” she affirms. In the midst of the ‘Fifth Industrial Revolution,’ she emphasizes the need for a diverse perspective to ensure technology mirrors cultures, values and fairness. “Innovation knows no exclusivity—it’s for the curious minds,” she states, breaking the myth of tech belonging to an exclusive club.

For Katy, technology transcends sectors—it’s a universal disruptor. “Being part of it means leading the change,” she declares, highlighting the pervasive influence of technology across all industries. In this rapid innovation era, Katy advocates for continuous experimentation, collaboration and adaptability. “We must evolve, fail fast and develop to keep up,” she urges, encapsulating the essence of leadership in the dynamic tech landscape.

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