Kenneth Kee: Taking Hospital Operations Processes to the New Heights

Kenneth kee, CEO, Origin integrated studios
Kenneth kee| CEO| Origin integrated studios

Healthcare arena has witnessed a drastic transformation after several innovations have been taken place in the industry. Behind this transformation is the contribution of many organizations, who with their top-notch solutions have streamlined various processes in the healthcare industry. One such organization is Origin Integrated studios, which helps healthcare providers by transforming their healthcare facilities to be smarter and more efficient in this digital age.

Origin Integrated Studios was incorporated 6 years ago by a team of talented software developers with Kenneth Kee as their CEO taking a role in business development leading from first hospital customer to now over twenty hospitals running its mission critical HIS with EMR 24 x 7, 365 days.

A Proficient Leader

Kenneth started his career as a Business Executive with a regional ICT company headquartered in Kuala Lumpur. He brings 18 years of enriching experience to the table. He has accumulated industry knowledge and expertise in the field of pre-sales, account management, sales, marketing and business development for software solutions and services for Banking, Healthcare, the Government and some cross industry applications.

Digitalizing Hospital Operation Processes

Origin Integrated Studios specializes in Hospital Information System (HIS) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR). The company offers implementation services that include business requirement study, data preparation and migration, installation and setup configuration, training, user acceptance test and trial run, and technical support maintenance services after system go live.

Origin’s goal is to help digitalizing hospital operation processes by providing a platform for Digital Transformation. Its business model is based on size of the hospital in terms of number of beds ranging from below 100 for small size and single disciplinary to multidisciplinary of ordinary setup of above 100 beds to large setup of over 300 beds. The company is on a mission to become a household name for EMR in the Southeast Asia region.

The solution provided by Origin is customisable to make it available as configuration in the system. With its continuous R&D enhancement, overtime it has develop feature rich and comprehensive solution compared to our competitors where some of them do not allow customisation or take in any good input of enhancement requirements from customers.

Origin EMR integrates to major sub-systems available in the market such as Laboratory Information System (LIS), Picture Archiving Communication System (PACS), Mobile Appointment System, Vital Signs monitoring system, Early Warning Score (EWS) system, Drug Database Decision Support System, Financial Information System and many others. The company has make its system interoperability among all new and existing hospital systems for harnessing the purpose of achieving full potential of EMR.

Pandemic Turned out as an Opportunity

As an ICT company supporting Origin’s healthcare system for healthcare providers, the company has approval to operate at 30% of its capacity, while the rest are working from home (WFH) to stay safe. Over the past one year in the pandemic, Origin has learned to implement projects both local and overseas using better project management and communication tools because most activities such as business requirement study, data preparation, data migration, training, user acceptance test can be conducted online. However, for most GoLive of the system it has assigned resources for the planned activities.

The pandemic turned as an opportunity for the company, as more healthcare providers took this period to change or upgrade their existing obsolete system and adopt a newer with latest technology that includes EMR. As compare to other industries, Origin has been seeing growth in its sales revenue in this trouble times.

An Intent to Disrupt the Healthcare Ecosystem

Kenneth mentions that Origin is working on launching an enterprise portal for all clinics to refer their patients to their respective choice of hospitals. As the company has large numbers of hospitals using its system that it can integrate and share information, therefore it can build an alliance within its customer network. At a later stage, it will add in insurance claim, provide online consultation as advisor, and all other permitted patient information into this enterprise health record system. Kenneth believes this will somehow disrupt the ecosystem of the industry.

Expanding in Progress

Under the leadership of Kenneth, Origin is recognized as the leading EMR solution provider with the largest implemented market share for EMR in Malaysia having three hospitals using its system in Indonesia. The company has no doubt of it expanding beyond its home country to the APAC region that has a market potential of more than 3000 hospitals, within this decade from 2021 to 2030. There are many existing obsolete systems that need replacement while there are many emerging economies such as Vietnam and Philippines that are prospering will then need the help of implementing advanced HIS and EMR. Origin is on it.

A Take on Impactful Leadership

In the opinion of Kenneth, running a business is not about making profit, revenue and immediate success; it is more than that. Leaders must inculcate honey empire philosophy, which is about building the business by doing the right things and being nice to people. It is no hate towards other people or businesses, and when the opportunity comes where you can help people out by doing it. He says, “As a leader, we need to be the figurehead of the company running the business acting as if like a media company producing regular ads images and write-up materials of branding, useful information, knowledge sharing dissemination, event and activities for blogs and social media. Storytelling is one of them.”

Kenneth believes that every leader needs to have patience in almost everything. One should have the patience to sow the harvest after all the hard work the company puts into with their strategic goals. It is a job as a servant leader working for your team, leading with empathy and weathering storms. He asserts, “What got you to where you are today won’t get you to where you want to be tomorrow. If you want to continue to be successful, you need to adopt a growth mindset that means building a learning and coaching culture that draws upon expertise from both inside and outside your organisation.”

In his advice to emerging leaders, he says “Don’t lose focus on your goals you have set as nothing come easy, work extra one percent harder and persevere until you achieve your desire outcome and accomplish your goals.”