Kore: Bringing Transformation in Businesses through Advanced IoT Solutions

Romil Bahl | President & CEO | KORE
Romil Bahl | President & CEO | KORE

IoT applications continue to proliferate, as companies become increasingly aware of how this powerful technology can support growth through digital transformation. Fundamentally, the ability to connect increasingly intelligent devices of all types is enabling digital transformation to happen all the way to the ‘edge’ of the enterprise. IoT applications offer unprecedented opportunities to not only cut costs and increase efficiencies but also to revolutionize business models and introduce new, diversified revenue streams. KORE – a pioneer, leader, and trusted advisor in the deployment of IoT solutions – empowers organizations of all sizes to improve operational and business results.

End-to-End IoT Solutions

At KORE, the team supports and enables business transformations by reducing the technical and organizational complexity of implementing IoT solutions. The company’s knowledge and experience, global reach, purpose-built solutions, and agility are accelerating and impacting IoT and business outcomes in a number of industries including fleet and automotive, healthcare, manufacturing/industrial, logistics and supply chain, retail, financial services, and agriculture.

“KORE is a single-source provider, bringing together highly complex technologies and enabling streamlined, scalable IoT solutions.”

As an independent, expert IoT provider, KORE offers a unique perspective on the promise of IoT. It helps eliminate the need to identify, evaluate, contract, and manage multiple network connectivity providers, equipment manufacturers, and professional services organizations. KORE, with its partner ecosystem, delivers all of the components required for a successful IoT implementation, as well as the proven expertise and guidance that organizations need to maximize IoT investments and achieve transformative IoT business performance.

KORE enables a broad range of customer use cases across the major IoT capabilities of location tracking, asset monitoring and field servicing through a variety of products and services that include global, secure, managed connectivity, innovative eSIM and other advanced connectivity solutions, hardware and devices, location-based services, and comprehensive certification and endpoint lifecycle management services.

Encouraging New Ideas

As the President and Chief Executive Officer at KORE, Romil Bahl leads an executive management team completely dedicated to realizing the promise of IoT across industries. Under Romil’s guidance, the company is continually expanding its offerings and influence. According to Romil, “My management philosophy is anchored in transparency, and I believe in transformative, strategy-led change, highlighted by creativity and clarity of thought.” In terms of transparency, it’s extremely important to provide employees and colleagues with organizational updates on a regular basis and to share clear information on what’s required to move the company forward. Likewise, he expects every member of his team to raise issues and discuss roadblocks in a transparent manner so that the team can collectively solve problems in a collaborative manner.  This kind of transparency helps to solidify trust and promotes accountability.

In regards to creativity, Romil believes that the best way to inspire innovative thinking is to address challenges in open ideation sessions with all members of the team regardless of title, and create an environment that supports and is open to diverse ways of thinking.  According to him, it’s the best idea that wins, and his job is to ensure those best ideas are identified and resourced for execution.

To channel the resulting innovation and promote clarity of thought, he uses a method called ‘chaos to order’ that involves analyzing creative ideas one at a time and partnering them with a strategic process. This method ensures that these ideas become actionable and impactful.

Retaining Top Talent

The executive management is hugely passionate about retaining and attracting top talent at KORE. They have built a strong team with the right mix of skills that is supported and driven by a high-performance culture. KORE has become a magnet for global talent at many locations across North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific as a result of its leadership in the market, and focus on performance and professional development. The company is continuing to build even greater momentum, as each new hire makes organization a more desirable place to work.

Enabling Growth

The growth strategy at KORE is focused on three key areas:

  • Continuously improving its foundational offerings of connectivity management, device management, and location-based services.
  • Expanding the breadth of IoT deployment and life cycle management services.
  • Evolving its IoT security, Data-as-a-Service, and data analytics capabilities.

By delivering in the areas, which are paramount to the company’s customers’ current and future IoT success. The company believes it can effectively simplify the complexity of IoT deployments and enable organizations to maximize their returns on IoT investments. According to the company “we deploy, manage, and scale our customers’ IoT applications through networks, services, and technology.”

With nearly 30 years of experience in consulting, information technology, professional services, and IoT in high-growth and turnaround environments, the company has learned a few things about promoting growth. These include insights on addressing complex challenges in diverse market conditions and the best ways to tap into emerging market segments while energizing global teams and creating organizations that are driven to innovate and excel.

Impacting Customers with Upgraded Solutions

KORE is one hundred percent focused on achieving unprecedented results for its customers and partners. The company is a global independent, by which means that it is agnostic to devices and hardware, to connectivity networks and carriers, to all parts of the IoT ecosystem except its customers’ results.  It recognizes that connectivity is essential to IoT, and further, that what customers really need are successful business outcomes and a return on their IoT investment. This is why KORE has expanded well beyond connectivity to provide the consultative, strategic guidance needed for IoT success, while also delivering a comprehensive set of products and services that empower the customers to successfully deploy, manage, and sustain IoT implementations. By freeing up customers to focus on their core competencies, they are empowered to access the data-driven insights and business intelligence their connected solutions deliver, and/or to grow their businesses.

Expert Assistance

Common challenges include a lack of internal IoT experience and insufficient resources to manage the complex IoT ecosystem and multiple vendor relationships with IoT solutions demand. There are also complexities associated with the number of network technologies across cellular, satellite, wifi and unlicensed spectrum, unfamiliar logistics management and coordination processes, and the frustration and lost revenue associated with delayed time-to-market releases. These factors are driving a disappointing failure rate of IoT pilot or proof-of-concept engagements.

KORE assists its customers, to tackle these challenges by helping them look around the corner to see what challenges are coming and stop guessing at solutions. The company guides customers through the complexity of their environments, the number of tasks they need to implement to successfully deploy their IoT solutions, and the myriad of IoT market choices they have to make by serving as an independent, single-source provider for its customers. KORE leverages its decades of IoT expertise and unparalleled portfolio of connected products and services to accelerate solution deployment and provide a foundation for scalability and growth.

 Aligning Success with Customer-Centric Approach

KORE entered the market almost two decades ago as an M2M and IoT MVNO, serving customers with global, secure, managed connectivity. Growing from just one carrier partner to more than 20 of the world’s major carriers – including its own, independent core network – KORE now serves over 6,200 customers and supports more than 9 million active connections around the world.

KORE is certainly proud of its growth in the IoT connectivity space. However, it considers that model as “KORE 2.0.”  The next era, as mentioned before is evolving the company from an IoT connectivity provider to a truly global IoT solutions provider. The company realizes that the customers need more than connectivity to succeed in IoT, and have responded to these needs by expanding its portfolio in alignment with its three-pronged growth strategy.

The biggest lesson KORE has learned from its pioneering role in the IoT market is that success is about simplifying the customer’s adoption of IoT.  It is necessary to stop asking customers to figure out how to put all the building blocks of a solution together themselves, and instead focus them on the most important parts of their own business. This customer-centric approach is the result of evaluation and investment across almost every aspect of the business, from the product offerings to support services, and everything in between.

“We enable your IoT vision with seamless execution and a constant focus on maximizing the return on your IoT investments.”

Future of IoT

According to the company, the most significant innovations will come in the areas of advanced connectivity, including eSIM and iSIM leadership, application management and data-as-a-service (DaaS), security management, as well as reporting and analytics. As more and more companies are able to move their IoT programs from proof-of-concept to full-scale deployment, there will be additional resources and learnings available to build the momentum for this promising area of business transformation. And KORE will be at the forefront.