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Eric Torigian | Managing Director | CHRO Solutions | HR Leadership
Eric Torigian | Managing Director | CHRO Solutions

Eric Torigian of CHRO Solutions

The purpose of HR executives and Chief People Officers (CPOs) has undergone significant changes in recent years. Traditionally, HR executives were responsible for managing personnel records, administering benefits and payroll, and ensuring compliance with employment laws and regulations. However, the role has evolved to become much more strategic and focused on the company’s overall goals and objectives. For most, short-term solutions and focuses have proven to be ineffective compared to long-term.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, HR executives and CPOs are responsible for leading the development and implementation of talent management strategies that enable the organization to attract, develop, and retain top talent. They must work closely with business leaders to understand the organization’s goals and priorities and align talent strategies with those objectives.

Eric Torigian is the visionary behind the Business Operations and HR Advisory Practice at CHRO Solutions; he continues to steer the ship with his exceptional leadership skills. A strategic Global HR Executive who has served as the Chief HR Officer and in other leadership roles for large companies like Ford, Pepsi, NBC/Universal and Comcast, Eric is recognized as a leader in the HR community with over 30 years of global experience driving organizational performance through strategic HR leadership and strong business partner relationships. Eric is an accomplished, driven, strategic, global HR executive and chief people officer recognized as a highly effective business leader who leads CHRO Solutions as its Founder and Managing Director.

Building off a background that includes solid people leadership experience, along with excelling at aligning people processes with the needs of the business. Eric has demonstrated results leading human resources across multiple industries and always ensured that HR has a ‘seat at the table’. In addition, he has extensive tactical experience in conflict resolution, benefits administration, employee relations and contract negotiations. Eric is passionate about coaching individuals to leverage their strengths and align them with strategic opportunities to make an impact on the business.

Quality HR Teams & Growth Enhance Employee Well-Being

At CHRO Solutions, the ultimate goal is to enhance the well-being of all employees. It firmly believes that mid and small-sized businesses are the backbone of the economy. These companies will never cease to require assistance in allowing employees to strive and grow.

As per the Small Business Association, there are more than 32 million such businesses in the United States, generating 8.7 million job opportunities. CHRO Solutions acknowledges that one of the most critical factors influencing employee satisfaction is the caliber of their HR teams. Through its experience, the team has discovered that the HR team’s quality is a primary determinant of the employee’s work experience. The company is dedicated to supporting these HR teams to improve the work lives of all employees.

CHRO Solutions has seen an incredible response in the marketplace to both its tools and processes. It is growing rapidly and poised in just under one year to eclipse 7 figures in revenue. However, there is no finish line in sight at CHRO Solutions, as the need for effective HR direction will not stop growing.

Creating Trust and Pushing Efficiency in HR Management

CHRO Solutions has achieved significant success in establishing trust, a crucial aspect of efficient HR management. It is no simple task to run a company effectively and efficiently, Eric created CHRO Solutions to ensure that these businesses can be successful. Additionally, their proprietary tools like the HR OS(tm) Framework and the Leadership Maturity Model can have a significant impact on midmarket organizations, which confront distinct challenges in managing their human resources. These companies are required to manage a more substantial workforce, comply with regulatory requirements, and provide their employees with opportunities for growth and progress. Nonetheless, they may lack the resources to employ a full-time HR professional to handle these tasks, which is where the HR OS Framework can be beneficial.

The team at CHRO Solutions is highly agile and adept at responding promptly. They take pride in their ability to rapidly comprehend obstacles, formulate strategic plans, and then carry them out effectively.

Revolutionization of HR for Midmarket Firms

Eric has developed a framework aimed at streamlining and concentrating HR operations for midmarket firms. Known as the HR Operating System™, it comprises a collection of guiding principles, procedures, and resources that enhance the efficacy of a client’s HR team.

CHRO Solutions is at the forefront of what could be the most substantial transformation in how businesses provide support to their employees. The team has observed a growing number of companies opting to outsource HR leadership and employ Fractional Executives to bolster this function. CHRO Solutions is a trailblazer in the fractional HR model, and they possess numerous examples of how they promote operational excellence using the HR Operating System and Eric Torigian is at the heart of it all.

His Journey to Innovator of the Year

  • Early HR career at Ford

Eric started his HR career at Ford as an analyst in the Labor Relations function at their steel division. His role involved developing HR systems to support the privately held Rouge Steel Company and the successful IPO during the division’s spinoff. Eric’s project management, problem solving, and data explanation skills became core skills that he would leverage throughout his career. His skills in delivering transformations differentiated him from his HR peers, and he was asked to join a joint venture between Ford and US Steel as the head of HR.

  • Developmental roles at Ford

After taking the joint venture position, Eric took a series of developmental roles to build his transformation tool kit. He consolidated two independent manufacturing systems into one new flexible system with one new agreement and successfully closed a third site. After completing these two challenging assignments, Eric was asked to take over labor relations for the Ford Buffalo Stamping plant, where he rebuilt trust, avoided a strike, and helped launch the first lean manufacturing system at the location. It was here where Eric was faced with adversity but strived under pressure as he often does.

Eric’s reputation as a transformational expert grew, and he was asked to assume HR responsibilities for the Ford Maumee Stamping Plant and onboard a new Plant Manager. His next series of assignments leveraged and tested his ability to use strong relationships; his ability to negotiate favorable agreements with the UAW; and his business acumen. He was also a part of the Ford National Negotiations Team where he was one of the youngest managers to lead a bargaining subcommittee. The roles of this nature at his young age set down a strong foundation for Eric’s career.

  • Global CHRO at SitusAMC

Eric worked with SitusAMC, a financial services company doing work in the real estate and mortgage industries, as their first Global CHRO. He was challenged with building their first-ever professional HR system, which he accomplished by transforming Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Employee Development, Training, and Data Analytics. Eric’s portfolio of skills continues to grow and change throughout his career. His HR system was instrumental in responding to rapid growth opportunities and scaled the company to 8,000 global employees in 11 months.

  • Other HR Leadership Positions

Eric joined PepsiCo, where he led the HR team for a $900 Million dollar sales region with 14 districts and almost 4,000 employees. His leadership helped improve safety and launched a comprehensive Diversity Improvement effort. Not only was Eric managing a profit producing team, but he also continued to strive for more with his endeavor to improve diversity. He then joined Comcast/NBC Universal to help manage 16 union drives across their Western Operations, where he brought his strong relations skills, ability to connect and create empathy with the frontline employees, and his ability to influence senior leadership to close out all these campaigns. Large corporations that profit millions of dollars every day use the skills and information that Eric provided and that he still uses today at CHRO Solutions.

Eric then decided to assert his unique background and strong HR transformation skills to focus on improving distressed assets. He joined Cooper Standard’s  North American HR Team and initiated the integration of 13 acquisitions under one HR/Manufacturing system. There have been few times in Eric’s career where did not manage multiple accounts or clients. He also led the restructuring of a debtor in possession holding company as they filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection. Eric was then asked to join Akebono Brake Corporation to implement a restructuring plan. During his time, he led the reduction of 70% of the SGA costs, closed 3 manufacturing sites, and reduced the entire senior leadership team. A substantial boost for a company in need.

  • HR Advisory and Fractional Services

Since launching CHRO Solutions, Eric has been doing HR advisory work and pioneering HR Fractional Services. He specializes in helping organizations that are growing to attract, develop, and retain high-performance teams using his expertise in HR transformation.

Eric is currently open to opportunities to support business leaders create a vision and lead a transformation around people operations. A small percentage of people possess the experience, knowledge, and innovation that Eric brings everyday with him to work. He is very passionate for the frontline, can connect and create empathy with all levels of the organization and is an enabler of performance.