Leeds Company Gears up for International Growth

Leeds Company Gears up for International Growth
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After receiving help from the University of Leeds’ Help to Grow Scheme, an entrepreneurial couple who created a life-saving road safety device are getting ready to expand internationally.

AirBar is a device that Sarah and Simon Scaife invented that can be installed on a car to make a safer area for those working by the side of the road.

The AirBar warns cyclists of the hazardous blind spot that occurs when they pass a turning vehicle and advises oncoming traffic to allow extra room.

Because of this, Nuvech’s weekly accident rate has completely decreased, piqued the interest of road recovery firms, builders’ merchants, and highway maintenance organizations that deal with related issues.

Sarah registered for the University of Leeds’ Help to Grow program, which is expressly intended to provide business support to senior executives in small and medium businesses across all sectors, because she was aware that she would require assistance in growing the company, which is based in Ripon and has a plant in Leeds.

Sarah believed that even though she was good with numbers, she needed help with other things like finding new markets, human resources, and long-term strategy.

“Neither my husband Simon nor I attended college or had any knowledge of the manufacturing sector,” the woman stated. My spouse has years of experience in the automobile transport business, having worked his way up from driver to operational manager. I have a background in finance.

They founded a business to teach individuals how to drive vehicle transporters, but they struggled to completely remove all dangers.

The system’s ability to automatically activate with the left turn signal at low speeds and warn cyclists of the vehicle’s potentially dangerous blind spot is one of its main advantages.

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