Lisa Jones: Innovating without Restrictions

Lisa Jones, Founder and CEO, EyeMail Inc
Lisa Jones | Founder and CEO | EyeMail Inc

Great leaders have the courage to believe what they can imagine can also become a reality. Great leaders are audacious to pursue their goals no matter what. Great business leaders go beyond their comfort zone and refuse to stay on the sidelines. Great leaders are aware that innovative technology can be leveraged to support a change for the better, and digital transformation can change what we are today, to become something more tomorrow.

Lisa S. Jones, the Founder and Chief EyeMail Officer of EyeMail Inc., chose not to agree with those who told her ‘there is nothing wrong with email so why change it’. She developed multiple patent-pending technologies because she envisioned a better way to engage with each other using email.

Lisa’s journey has certainly not been a direct path to where she is today. She made the decision early to self-fund her company and while that allowed her the flexibility to truly innovate without restrictions, educating the market on a technology that didn’t exist before, and finding resources with the right skills to support a future technological vision.

Bringing Emails to Life

The first electronic message was established in 1965 and the first email was sent in 1971. The foundational concepts of Email have not really changed in the last 50 years. An email has not really changed in the last 50 years.

EyeMail technology is looking to break that cycle through the next generation of email engagement. Founded in 2004, EyeMail enables automatic play of a 60+ seconds High-Definition video and audio across all email, webmail, and mobile platforms in 15k in size, Innovating without Restrictions with no downloads or clicks to external websites to view the full video. There is no limit to the value of using EyeMail through internal and external communications or e vent planning and e xecution, e very interaction with another person is an opportunity to use EyeMail.

Facilitating Positive Work Culture

EyeMail’s culture is founded on its innovative creativity and the development of a multi-patent pending technology. Innovation is not restricted to a specific age group or level within the company, the youngest team member is 23 years and the most senior team member is 75 years of age. This wide range of age and the global diversity of its team members, better equips EyeMail to foster the exchange of new ideas. Creating this natural collaborative community and knowledge sharing is how everyone at EyeMail stays motivated and engaged.

Building a Team with Varying Expertise

Lisa’s multi-cultural team has varying degrees of expertise across different fields. Lisa learned very quickly, her strengths versus opportunities for improvement. She kept that in mind when building her team because she doesn’t need three more Lisa’s with the same skillsets. While collaboration is a key to success, Lisa also has a strong sense of her brand and vision. If a decision was going to alter the perception of the brand in an inconsistent or negative way, she would ask the team to dig in deeper, talk through it, and consider other ways to achieve the same goals.

Lisa also listens to those she meets at conferences (i.e. onsite or virtual). She listens to the stories people tell and sometimes she will hear something that sparks a new idea. Two years ago, she met someone at a conference who said, ‘if you can fix this particular problem that my life would be easier’. Lisa happened to agree with him, and that conversation led to a product EyeMail will roll out later in 2021.

Sharing Lessons and Helping Each Other

One of the great things about networking with women, is women are all very much willing to share their lessons learned and help others be successful. Lisa’s top 10 lessons that keep her going as a female entrepreneur are:

  1. When things get lonely, connect with images or videos that motivate you
  2. Understand that every day will not be sunshine and rainbows
  3. Set aside time to celebrate all successes, even the small ones
  4. Own it, and realize you are enough & deserve success
  5. Seek mentorship from multiple and diverse sources
  6. Tweak it, until you peak it
  7. Talk less and listen more
  8. Stay true to your vision
  9. Increase your network
  10. Find your inspiration

Remaining Relevant by Delivering Value

EyeMail is a company that is always evolving and looking ahead, as the team knows their clients are constantly changing in how they best support their customers. Remaining relevant is knowing how and where to bring value. Lisa and the team recognize the value EyeMail brought to a client last year, may not the be same value its clients need this year.

What is on the future roadmap for EyeMail? By 2022, EyeMail will redefine the industry standard for video-in-email. In two to three years, EyeMail will be a globally recognized brand, market leader, and perhaps even in the oxford dictionary. In three years, EyeMail will have successfully infused artificial intelligence with its current technology to create something even more magnificent, taking everyday human interaction to the next level and continuing to bring your email to life!