Magic Feedback, a Danish AI firm, has raised €1.2 million to Provide more people with access to Customer Feedback

Magic Feedback
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Located in CopenhagenA €1.2 million pre-seed investment was raised by Magic Feedback, an AI business developing a platform that collects all of your user feedback in one location and utilizes its proprietary AI to analyze everything automatically for you. The financing was headed by Maki VC, with support from individual angel investors, including Humio co-founder and former CEO Geeta Schmidt.

Magic Feedback was founded in 2023 with the intention of revolutionizing the way product teams handle user input. Nima Vali Rajabi, the CEO, and Francisco Arias, the CTO, were two former Google workers.

Magic Feedback CEO and co-founder Nima Vali Rajabi stated, “Most product teams are doubling down on product discovery, making sure they understand their users’ problems and needs before building solutions.”But practically every product team faces the same problem: there is never enough time to compile and interpret all of the user feedback. Instead, there is a disarray of feedback, which hinders decision-making and causes solutions to be developed without important context.

Organizing and classifying user feedback is too time-consuming and expensive for organizations that get a significant amount of qualitative feedback from customers through support tickets, meeting notes, and product reviews. With Magic Feedback, you can use artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically organize and categorize user input across all the platforms where it is kept. Magic Feedback also provides a single feedback platform.
Early user and ardent supporter of Magic Feedback’s mission Maria Westergaard stated: “Our feedback used to be scattered all over the place. Most of the reaction was only in the minds of those who didn’t have the whole picture. We were able to centralize everything and take charge of our feedback with Magic Feedback.

I’ve been able to precisely describe what users desire thanks to it, and the user stories assist engineers in knowing exactly what needs to be built.

After formally debuting its platform in September, Magic Feedback has been enrolling market-leading clients and introducing new, cutting-edge tools including AI-powered feedback surveys, forms, and a search engine. Former Humio CEO Geeta Schmidt, an angel investor in Magic Feedback, has expressed her faith in Magic Feedback because of this intrinsic drive to develop in the user feedback arena.

Schmidt remarked, “I’ve been following Magic Feedback closely since its inception.”And Nima and Fran have now put themselves in a position to positively influence every product on the internet by working hard and never sacrificing their vision.

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