Marc Rippen – Committed to Transforming Lives

Marc Rippen | President & Founder | Alertgy
Marc Rippen | President & Founder | Alertgy

It depends on every individual on how they come up with a solution to the crisis that comes in their way. Some people figure out the way to come out of that crisis, while some believe in walking an extra mile and building a solution not only for themselves, but also for the community. The story of Marc Rippen and his venture, Alertgy, is inspired by the same approach.

Alertgy was founded by Marc in 2016 after his wife Sue had a low blood sugar attack and was found nearly unresponsive. After this scary situation, he knew he had to do something and find a solution to this problem that many people today face; accurately monitoring blood sugar and alerting loved ones if they have a low or high blood sugar attack. As a result, Alertgy was formed and since then, it has been focused on providing a means for non-invasive continuous real-time blood sugar measurements to the millions of diabetics and pre-diabetics throughout the world.

“We are committed to transforming how we monitor blood sugar to improve the lives of diabetics, and in the future, help people prevent diabetes”

Bringing the Change

Alertgy is on a mission to improve diabetes management for hundreds of millions of people around the world. While Type 1 diabetes is life threatening, the real danger lies with Type 2 diabetics and pre-diabetics, who often fail to heed the signs. These groups represent 95% of the diabetic population worldwide, growing by millions each month. By allowing them to monitor their glucose levels easily and painlessly, Alertgy hopes to improve their quality of life.

Throughout the design process there have been many struggles and hurdles the company has had to overcome. By relying on everyone within the company and their various levels of expertise and fields of study, it was able to approach each problem differently and find a solution that was successful.

While there is always going to be change and adaptation throughout the process, the company relies on always staying ahead of the game and its competitors, incorporating new technologies that outmatch what anyone else can offer.

By constantly researching and learning about products and technologies throughout its industry, it has a leg up on the competition and never becomes stagnant in its design process. As the medical device and diagnostic industries change, its philosophy is to be one of the leaders to bring that change, rather than following the rest of the pack.

When encountering speed bumps throughout its process, there have been countless times when a problem is fixed by something that may seem simple or mundane. At times like this, Alertgy takes the approach to look at the problem and approach it with Marc Rippen Committed to Transforming Lives the simplest solution. Marc believes that oftentimes we over think a problem and try to fix it in a much more complicated way than it actually needs. Sometimes what is needed the most is to take a step back and think about the problem in its simplest form.

Deep-GlucoTM – A Revolutionary Solution

Healthcare providers and diabetics choose Alertgy due to its product that removes all the hassle of diabetes monitoring, replacing pricks, and blood with a sleek watch design that gives them all the information effortlessly on their wrist. The Alertgy NICGM (Non-Invasive Continuous Glucose Monitor) “DeepTM Gluco” is its device that measures blood sugar without the need of drawing blood like the traditional glucose measuring devices.

Through its revolutionary technology, Alertgy has developed a platform and sensor that is unlike anything currently available in the consumer market. Most of the devices today rely on physical blood collected through direct blood measurements requiring needles and TM other painful processes. Deep-Gluco gets rid of these arduous methods and gives people the ability to accurately measure their blood glucose in real-time.

The customers and healthcare providers TM that wear and use Deep-Gluco will benefit in many ways over the traditional glucose monitoring devices. For the customers, the company takes the pain and hassle out of diabetes monitoring, giving them a painless and sophisticated way to track their blood sugar numbers.

For the healthcare providers, it makes it easy for them to have access to their patient’s blood sugar numbers for months by storing all the information on the device. That information can then be shared with the healthcare provider, giving them easy access to their patient’s history, and allowing them to make more informed decisions affecting the management of their patient’s diabetes about the level of care necessary for their patient.

Addressing the Dire Need

The medical device and diagnostic industry are constantly growing and changing with new technologies being introduced to the market all the time. According to Marc, we are entering a new era in medicine that will be significantly impacted in the incredible growth and breakthroughs in wearables, cloud based IoT sensor systems, application of AI 10, and digital health. The major catalyst for change has been the COVID crisis.

The diabetes monitoring industry is behind the curve and is ripe to implement Alertgy’s technology to address a major unmet need in the mature market, a noninvasive, cost effective digitally enabled continuous blood glucose monitor and alert system. The millions of diabetics throughout the world need an easier and simpler way to manage and monitor their blood sugar, without the pain and hassle that today’s products bring.

In the future, Marc believes Alertgy can reach new industries and customers by applying its patented technology to many other forms of diagnostics. Ironically, the detection of Covid virus is a potential application for Alertgy technology. Alertgy can become not only a leader in diabetes care, but also in diagnostics and monitoring for a plethora of diseases and ailments.

Striving to Be a Premier

Currently, Alertgy is focused on first bringing its device to over 90% of the diabetic population, the non-insulin dependent hyper-glycaemic type 2 diabetics, in order to provide over 400 million people around the world with a way to easily and effectively alert them if their glucose levels are too high or low. And get them to measure their blood glucose continuously without the need to use existing FDA approved systems.

Users would only need to use those systems to TM confirm Deep-gluco data and determine their best course of action to reduce their blood glucose levels. This product alert and surveillance application is subject to FDA approval

Marc states, “In the future there is no limit to what our technology can provide in the way of monitoring and diagnostics. Published research indicates that our technology has the potential to track other metabolites and cellular markers within the body for other diseases that could pave the way for Alertgy to be a premier leader in diagnostic technology.”

 “There will be more hurdles to face in the future, but we believe with the team we have, we can face adversity and ultimately will be successful in our mission,” he adds.