McDonald’s Adds Chicken Big Mac in the US Menus


Finally, McDonald’s introduced Chicken Big Mac in the US. McDonald’s soon will start testing the Chicken Big Mac in select locations in the Miami area in the later period of August.

The Big Mac, one of the signature products of McDonald’s, was first introduced in the United Kingdom and was welcomed with very positive feedback.

McDonald’s expressed in a statement, that it is looking to provide the fans with more ways in enjoying the classic menus the customers adore.

Chris Kempczinski, CEO of McDonald’s said, “Made with two crispy tempura chicken patties, our iconic Big Mac sauce, and topped off with pickles, shredded lettuce, and American cheese, this sandwich brings some of our fans’ favorite flavors together for the perfect bite.”

Chris added that chicken “continues to be a significant opportunity for us” in recent earnings and remains a priority for Mcdonald’s.

Kempczinski said, “We’ve got some great global equities already in our McNuggets, and with McChicken, but we also have some equities in McCrispy and McSpicy that we think we’ve got an opportunity to do more globally.”