Media conglomerates are counting on a recovering advertising market to boost their streaming revenues

Media companies are shifting their focus to advertising as they seek to turn a profit in the competitive streaming industry. The recent annual Upfronts, where major media companies pitched to advertisers, highlighted the growing emphasis on advertising-supported streaming services. As subscriber growth slows and the advertising market softens, media companies are exploring ways to generate revenue beyond traditional subscription models.

Ad-supported streaming subscriptions have seen a significant uptick, with a nearly 25% year-over-year growth in the first quarter of 2023. Companies like Netflix, Disney, and Paramount have introduced cheaper, ad-supported tiers to attract customers and diversify their revenue streams. Netflix, which was previously against advertising, held a virtual presentation for advertisers and unveiled its ad-supported tier, which received a positive response from investors.

However, it remains uncertain whether advertising will fully compensate for unstable subscriber growth. The media industry is still grappling with the question of whether ad-tier subscriptions can offset other revenue losses. Media companies are also exploring free, ad-supported channels, similar to traditional TV models, to generate additional revenue.

As the streaming landscape evolves, media companies are looking for the right combination of subscription pricing, advertising revenue, and content offerings to optimize their business models. While advertising offers a promising avenue for generating profits, the full impact and effectiveness of this strategy are yet to be determined.