Microsoft Announces Reopening of its Bay Area and Washington Offices on Feb 28

Microsoft announced on Monday reopening of its Washington state office and California Bay Area office on February 28 as Covid-19 pandemic cases are declining. These offices will be open to visitors, employees, and guests.

Microsoft is returning to workplaces in a phased manner. The recent move is its overall sixth and final phase. The company said that it expects reopening of its rest of the U.S. offices when conditions are favorable.

Microsoft CMO Chris Capossela said, “For nearly two years, our hybrid workplace model has anchored each of our work sites to one of six defined stages, allowing us to quickly adjust our guidance depending on health data, local government guidance, the availability of vaccines and vaccination rates and other considerations.”

Microsoft has allowed more flexibility for employees by allowing them work from home for retaining employees.

Microsoft said that it embraces flexibility in schedule as benchmark for most roles.

Microsoft said, “Employees can ask their managers to approve requests to adjust their work site, location or hours. Workers will have 30 days from Feb. 28 to make adjustments to their routines.”

“We know there’s not a singular solution to how people work best,” Capossela said.