Microsoft CEO: Search Market Dominated by ‘Google Web’


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s testimony in the antitrust trial against Google highlighted the dominance of the “Google web” in online search. Nadella emphasized that Google’s market share shapes how publishers and advertisers cater their content, making it challenging for competitors like Microsoft’s Bing to gain traction. He stated that the open web is essentially the “Google web,” influencing publishers to optimize their content for Google’s requirements.

The antitrust trial revolves around the government’s allegations that Google illegally maintains a monopoly in the general search market. Exclusive deals, such as the one with Apple to make Google search the default on Apple products, contribute to Google’s dominance. The government argues that this dominance creates a flywheel effect, making it difficult for competitors to break through.

Nadella testified that Microsoft was willing to take on significant short-term losses for Bing to secure a deal with Apple. Microsoft aimed to replace Google as the default search engine on Apple products, recognizing the challenges and reputational risks involved.

Despite Microsoft’s persistent efforts, Nadella acknowledged the difficulty of breaking through in the search market, dominated by Google. He expressed concerns about the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on search, fearing that Google could use its position to lock up key datasets and make progress even more challenging in the AI age.

While Bing remains a low-share player in general search, Nadella indicated that Microsoft continues to wait for the right opportunity to innovate and disrupt the market, running search as a “public utility.”