Microsoft is carrying ChatGPT innovation to Word, Succeed, and Viewpoint

Microsoft on Thursday illustrated its arrangements to carry artificial brainpower to its most unmistakable efficiency devices, including Standpoint, PowerPoint, Succeed, and Word, with the commitment to changing how millions go about their responsibilities consistently.

The company announced at an event on Thursday as Microsoft 365 users will soon be able to use an AI “Co-pilot,” which will assist with editing, summarizing, creating, and comparing documents.


The new features are significantly more powerful and less anthropomorphic than its wide-eyed, paperclip-shaped predecessor. They are built on the same technology as ChatGPT.

Users could now transcribe meeting notes during a Skype call, quickly draft suggested replies from long email threads, request the creation of a specific Excel chart, and quickly convert a Word document into a PowerPoint presentation using the new features.

Microsoft is likewise presenting an idea called Business Talk. This specialist rides alongside the client as they work and attempts to comprehend and get a handle on their Microsoft 365 information.

End Note

Microsoft’s announcement comes a month after it added AI-powered features to Bing, and the tech industry is back in a race to create and implement AI tools that can change how people work, shop, and complete. Google, a rival, announced earlier this week that it would also incorporate AI into its productivity tools, such as Gmail, Sheets, and Docs.