Microsoft’s Bing AI chatbot is now available in mobile apps and on Skype


Microsoft has granted over a million people access to a preview of its generative AI-powered chatbot in Bing since it launched earlier this month, with millions more on the waitlist. Until now, the chatbot could only be accessed via the Edge desktop browser. However, Microsoft already incorporates it into more products, services, and devices.


Starting today, people can access the chatbot through their Microsoft account and use it in the Edge and Bing mobile apps for Android and iOS. Now it is accessible from the Edge mobile app’s homepage.

In addition, you can begin using the chatbot on Skype. Users can talk to it one-on-one or invite it to a group chat. Users could use the chatbot to help plan a trip and have everyone see the suggestions simultaneously. It can also translate information from over 100 languages.

Microsoft added voice control on both mobile and desktop. In its early days, it could finally spell the end for Cortana after years of the voice assistant gradually fading into the background.

Final Note

Microsoft notes that the chatbot could and most likely would be incorporated into other apps such as Teams. It did, however, say that it is still fine-tuning the chatbot, which has hit a few speed bumps since more people got their hands on it.