Millionaires call upon Global Elites to Tax them more


A group of over 150 millionaires is asking the elite attendees of the ongoing World Economic Forum meeting in Davos for taxing them more.

The “Patriotic Millionaires” group presented an open letter on Monday repeating calls for the attendees of the WEF meeting to acknowledge the threat of unrestricted wealth inequality in the world, and publicly push the efforts to tax the rich.

The letter said, “Tax us, the rich, and tax us now.” The signatories in the letter included actor Mark Ruffalo and heiress Abigail Disney.

They mentioned in the letter that the inequality in the international tax system created mistrust between the rich elites and the people of the world.

The group of millionaires said, “To restore that trust, it would take a complete overhaul of a system that up until now has been deliberately designed to make the rich richer. To put it simply, restoring trust requires taxing the rich.”

Some of the millionaires also staged pro-taxation campaigns at Davos over the weekend.

This latest call from the millionaires to be taxed more comes as increasing prices causing an increase in the cost of living for people in the world. Patriotic Millionaires group referred to an Oxfam report published on Monday in which it is mentioned that almost a million people will enter extreme poverty in 2022 due to rising prices and different issues in the world.