Natasha Makhijani: A Dedicated, Compassionate Leader

Natasha Makhijani | CEO & Founder | Oliver Sanderson Group PLC.|Shepreneur
Natasha Makhijani | CEO & Founder | Oliver Sanderson Group PLC.

Recruitment of candidates is the function preceding the selection, which helps create a pool of prospective employees for the organization so that the management can select the right candidates for the right job from such pool. Moreover, the main objective of the recruitment process is to expedite the selection process.

Meet Natasha Makhijani, CEO and Founder of Oliver Sanderson Group PLC, who always seeks something more to provide you with the best solution possible for your recruitment needs. Natasha’s desire for something more led her to launch her own business. What started as one lady and a laptop has now become a worldwide company, Oliver Sanderson Group PLC.

The Firm Start 

Degree Qualified from City University and a Master in HR from the USA. Natasha began her professional career with Hays Logistics on their graduate scheme. She set up the Victoria office with her manager, and within two years, the Victoria office and the staff of eight were the top-performing office in the country. She was offered the opportunity to work with Michael Page and Robert Walters. She started with Michael Page Human Resources, and she became their top biller within HR during her first year. She helped set up their St Albans office and then moved to London to set up permanent recruitment for the Public Sector. Later, Natasha was promoted to Managing Consultant and contributed to the growth of the Public sector office. She considers herself lucky to have had a revelation to an entrepreneurial community from an early age, and she believes this helped her to shape into somebody who is vibrant and enthusiastic and with a keen interest and passion for business.

Solutions on The Go 

Oliver Sanderson is a dynamic brand in Executive Search & Selection who look after Perm and Interim assignments to FTSE 100 & 250 clients. They offer retained, exclusive and contingent end to end recruitment in a variety of disciplines and serving major UK & Global sectors. They also provide cutting edge service solutions to customers, ensuring the needs are met in tune with the changing marketplace. As the market changes, so do the needs of candidates and clients, and the expert team at Oliver Sanderson ensures there are strategies created around new topics matters, IR35 and BAME, to name a few, to satisfy client and candidate needs.

Oliver Sanderson offers access to new products such as their mobile job app from candidate attraction, to Drag & Drop to 1st stage video interviewing platform through their sister company Snapp CV Group PLC. Devising an alternative method of recruitment through their technology strategy has helped to move forward in the recruitment space, and they are excited about developing the digital side to recruitment through the use of Artificial Intelligence with new products due to be launched Q2 2020.

Strategic Manoeuvre 

Natasha states that employers need to ensure there are adequate training and development practices in place for employees, and they need to give them the tools to go out and become independent and deliver to customers. To do this, Natasha has carefully crafted an 18-week learning program, enhanced as to work closely with APSCo to train their recruiters. She encourages the team to get involved in business planning and help to develop the growth strategy of the business by giving them a voice and making them shareholders in the company if they are successful and prove they are part of the team and the journey. Natasha and her team create these strategies by listening to their consultants, our board, and the marketplace. Natasha wants them to feel included, feel like business owners, and be thoroughly in the journey of the company, and she thinks it gives you a sense of ownership and pride.

Achievements on the Rise 

For Natasha, setting up Oliver Sanderson was one for most significant achievements. She spent most of her first career in a corporate company and took great pleasure in crafting a recruitment company and working on how she thought it should be created and ran. She is proud that her company has achieved worldwide success and continues an upward trajectory. She is also one of the founders of Snapp CV Group PLC, which is a free job board and video interviewing platform. Together, they are about to launch for Series A VC funding, and with new products launching very soon in the AI space of Phase 2, the sky is the limit. To confirm, Snapp CV Group PLC will quickly be offering a database of 14 million candidates globally and access to 168,000 jobs. They are at the cutting edge of technology in recruitment, and Natasha can’t wait to lead the recruitment market into the next era. Watch this space.

Future Endeavours 

Natasha states the industry that she works in is an ever-changing one, and you must continually evolve to adapt to the also ever-changing economic, political, and social climates. The market is changing, considering the Global Pandemic of the Coronaviruses, IR35 regulations being imposed on the Private Sector in April 2021 and, of course, the UK exiting the EU. Recruitment itself is also changing and particularly when it comes to technology. Gone are the days of completing a paper application, and we need to embrace this. People and companies who do not evolve will become stuck and lost. Technology is a major driving force in recruitment nowadays and who’s to say that in a few years something as fundamental as a CV is no longer as it is. It could become a one-page bio and a video attachment. Natasha has led the way on with Snapp CV Group PLC. Despite the influx of new technology, one must not forget that in executive search, the human touch is always required.

What Comes More? 

The one thing that Natasha would like to accomplish is growth to an exceptional level in the interim side of our business. She would also like to open offices internationally, and she has already started exploring New York, India, and The Netherlands. She thinks it is essential for her to diversify the working practices and reach out; there is still so much for us to learn and expand. We also recognise that we must be mindful of a changing workplace due to the Global Pandemic and companies changing working practices and how they hire. The next six to twelve months will affect how business strategy is taken forward depending on the Global economy. There is rise for change and its about embracing new ways of working for everyone. Change brings opportunity it’s about navigating your way through the choppy waters to ensure a successful outcome.

Hand-in-Hand with Technology 

Natasha believes in moving with time. It is essential to know that change is always imminent, and that technology isn’t just being an integral part of recruitment; it is a crucial part of the world. It is ensuring that she is at the forefront of technology, and embracing the change is how Natasha and her team keep their spirits high. Change doesn’t have to be scary; we’ve adopted the change and are moving forward with it; the sister company Snapp CV Group PLC was launched with technology at its heart. They are also launching Oliver Sanderson Executive app, which will be coming out over the next few months.

Wise Words for Budding Leaders 

Natasha firmly believes that a leader should have passion, drive, energy, honestly, integrity, and humor, to name a few! She thinks it is vital to be aware of the needs of the sector, the job market, and the requirements of one’s company and people. A leader has to be open-minded and find solutions through difficult times. Leaders must be challenged, actively listen, constantly know that they are always learning, and be open to others guiding you. As a business grows, a leader should be apt at identifying and cultivating talent; proper succession planning can lead to great leaders.

Natasha believes it is essential to know what your goal is, devise a strategy and a business plan, and continuously refer to it. It would help if you never lost focus on what your goal is and where you want to go. In the whole of the journey, is it essential to focus on the beginning but always be open and adaptive to how things can change? There will be stumbles and knockdowns, but you can’t let them define you. Failure not what sets you. “It is how you get back up and get back on track,” quotes Natasha.