National Bankcard: Providing Processing Solutions Effectively

Jon Monge | CEO | National Bankcard|National Bankcard| payment systems
Jon Monge | CEO | National Bankcard

With the growing usage of the internet and plastic money the demand of debit and credit card-based payment systems are increasing every day. So, enters National Bankcard, a leading provider in credit and debit card-based payment processing solutions for customers across the United States of America. The organization takes great pride on itself on having the lowest processing rates backed by its award-winning customer service. Thanks to its customer service, National Bankcard has achieved one of the highest merchant retention rates in the industry because it is dedicated to ongoing account support. Its highly trained customer service team educates merchants, so as to make informed decisions about payment processing solutions with no hidden charges. National Bankcard has created a transparent sales model based on honesty.

Also, the organization’s low processing fee helps merchants focus on what they do best –run their businesses. Additionally, National Bankcard’s “no cancellation fee” policy reinforces its commitment of providing the best ongoing support to merchants. National Bankcard makes the process of accepting payments easy, secure, and cost effective. It protects the merchants with a chargeback and fraud department that provides the highest level of security.

“By lowering credit card processing costs and streamlining the payment process, our merchants stay with National Bankcard year-after-year”

The Undisputed Leader

Jon Monge the CEO of National Bankcard started the organization in 2005, and for the first 2 years he was the only employee of National Bankcard, doing everything, from sales, to customer services, tech support, programming terminals, designing the needed web pages and marketing materials. However, Jon enjoyed managing every part of the business as it was a full education on how to start an ISO from the ground up. Nowadays, a team of 20 plus admins and sales representatives help share the work flow. Jon was able to teach them how to run an efficient business from the first-hand experience from those first two years.

Committed to Provide Best Support to the Merchants

National Bankcard never charges a setup fee, it also provides a free EMV credit card machine or a free mobile card reader or both. The organization also offers free shipping with all equipment orders and free training to show how to use the new device.

When it comes to cancellation fees, National Bankcard never charges one. The organization’s “no cancellation fee” policy reinforces its commitment to provide the best ongoing support to merchants. If any one of the clients ever need to close his respective account, one simple call will let him close the same in the same day itself. Hence, there are no risks trying out National Bankcard.

That’s not all, setting up National Bankcard is a very quick and easy affair. The organization has a simple one-page electronic application that can be filled out for the client by National Bankcard. The organization can then text or email the application and the client can sign it with his mouse or finger depending on the device he is using. The application takes about five minutes to fill out most. On an average the application can be approved within 1-4 hours after submitting; once the application gets approved National Bankcard ships the free credit card machine or the card reader with free shipping.

Entering the Segment as a Unique Organization

The Payment and Card Solution Providers segment badly needed a new player in the marketplace, which would offer better customer service at lower costs. Before the entry of National Bankcard, most of the merchants used to pay too much in processing and on their equipment costs. Using the internet to market to merchants proved to be a more efficient model that enabled National Bankcard to offer a better service at a lower pricing.

Upon receiving the equipment from National Bankcard, the respective account manager will call the client to train on how to use the new terminal, or mobile card reader, or Virtual terminal, or Clover POS. This is a very important step and something that many of National Bankcard’s competitors neglect. The organization helps its clients through setting up their equipment and runs them through a test transaction. National Bankcard also goes over on how to view the account activity online in their merchant portal. If a client has purchased a Clover POS, National Bankcard walks him through uploading his inventory into the system and trains him on how to use it from A-Z.

One of the Most Exciting Business Sectors

According to National Bankcard, the payment industry is one of the most exciting business sector to be a part of. There are new products coming to market each year that help businesses run their operation more smoothly. The organization is always looking to resell these innovative products to its merchants’, so that they have the best for their businesses.

When it comes to the future, National Bankcard is planning to build out the country’s best customer service team and continue to sell the best technology in the payment’s industry.