New chip on hold, aimed at self-driving car sensor by Arm’s

New chip on hold, aimed at self-driving car sensor by Arm’s

On Tuesday, at San Francisco the chip technology firm Arm Holding owned by SoftBank Group Corp, pushed deeper into the automotive world with chip aimed at handling the streams of sensor data expected to help self-driving cars. Eventually for navigate the roads, pushing further into turf being contested by Intel Corp and others.

Arm’s newest designed chip, expected to boom the market in 2020, chip called as the Cortex-A65AE and is designed around the idea of being able to handle the stream of data from a self-driving car’s sensor in near real-time, the firm trying to make the chips better suited to cars with the help of new safety feature, Where glitches that are minor annoyances in consumers electronics could lead to crashes.

Arm known as, the best technology chip supplier of mobile phones. Including both Apple Inc.’s iPhones and Android devices powered Qualcomm Inc.’s it provide some of the underlying designs and technology for essentially all mobile phone processor chips.

Arm introduced its automotive-oriented chip, the Cortex-A76AE in September. This was the first chip from the Arm with a new safety feature called “Split Lock.”