New UK Regulations to Facilitate and Speed up the Charging of EVs

Facilitate and Speed up the Charging
Facilitate and Speed up the Charging

New laws to enhance millions of drivers’ EV charging experiences developed. To make charging an electric vehicle simpler, faster, and more dependable, new legislation have been implemented.

New laws approved by Members of the House of Representatives last night will make public charging for electric vehicles (EVs) easier and more reliable for millions of drivers. The new laws will provide drivers with transparent, easily comparable pricing information, easier payment options and more reliable charging points. This is in line with the commitments made in the government’s Plan for Drivers, which aims to get drivers back on the road and improve charge point infrastructure in order to reach the zero-emission vehicle goal of 2035.

The new rules will make it easier to compare prices across charge points, and a large proportion of the new public charge points will offer contactless payment. The new rules will also require providers to make their data accessible to drivers, so they can easily find a charge point that suits their needs. This will open data to apps, online maps, and in vehicle software, making it simpler for drivers to find charge points, check charging speeds, and find out if they are operational and available to use.

The measures come at a time when public charging infrastructure in the UK is at an all-time high, increasing by 42% year-on-year. Technology and Decarbonisation Secretary Jesse Norman said: These new regulations will make EV charging easier than ever for millions of drivers. They will help them find the charging point of their choice, provide price transparency so they can compare different charging options and update payment methods. These measures will make the transition to electric vehicles easier than ever before, boost the economy and enable the UK to meet its 2035 targets.

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