Nick Miletich: One of a Kind Innovative IT Leader Committed to Delivering the Best SAP Solutions with Technical Expertise and Business Acumen

Nick Miletich | Chief Technology Officer | Managecore
Nick Miletich | Chief Technology Officer | Managecore

The modern world needs businesses to be constantly upgraded to serve their clients with evolved solutions with new and improved technology. Understanding the needs of the modern world especially that of an SAP customer by incorporating business acumen and technical expertise, Nick Miletich dedicates his unmatched efforts to leading Managecore to the next level of success. As the Chief Technology Officer of Managecore, Nick is approaching nearly 20 years of IT, SAP, public cloud, and infrastructure experience.

Since joining the Managecore team in 2017, Nick has led the emerging technology efforts for Managecore, including being the innovator and master mind of Managecore Watchdog – the one-of-a-kind monitoring platform and client portal. Managecore Watchdog gives Managecore customers full transparency into their SAP landscapes in real-time. His background in SAP technologies, infrastructure services, and operational leadership empowers him to lead the Managecore delivery team to consistently provide the highest level of customer service with customized, scalable, and secure solutions.

Staying Up to Date with Latest Technologies

Nick holds the innovative leadership role he has today because he always kept learning and thinking ahead of what is to come next. Technology moves at lightning speed, and if he did not stay up to date on the latest that the cloud, SAP, and IT technology has to offer, he would have been left behind and not obtained to a C-level role. Nick feels that its vital in IT leadership continue to pivot in the IT industry, or you will be left behind. First, he learned how to optimally manage SAP systems on premise, he then built a thriving private cloud practice. Now shifting his talents to build world-class architecture to host SAP applications in a hyperscale public cloud environments. This innovative mind set has led Managecore to be at the forefront as one of the first managed service providers (MSP) globally to migrate and manage an SAP S/4HANA production environment in Google Cloud.

Managecore Providing Transparent Delivery Model

Founded by partners with over 20 years of experience in the SAP managed services market, Managecore was created to disrupt the way Managed Service Providers operate. Managecore is proud of its transparent delivery model whereby all information related to the support of customers is provided on its client portal – Watchdog.

Managecore’s key strength as an MSP is accountability, which is one of the most important traits that set Nick and its delivery team apart from other SAP technical consulting firms. Managecore was founded specifically out of a desire to restore accountability in the IT industry and put customers back at the center of everything they do.

Nick embodies this mantra in everything he does, from leadership to delivery; he provides the very best in customer service, which is proven time and time again by Managecore’s 100% success rate and 100% customer satisfaction.

Consistently Delivering Best SAP Managed Services

Nick’s expertise in the SAP technology space is bar none. He approaches customer support with both technical and business acumen, which helps him build, architect, and deliver SAP solutions like no other technical leader in the industry.

With close to two decades of IT experience, primarily focused on SAP technologies and his sound knowledge of infrastructure services, paired with an intuitive business mindset, Nick is the ideal leader of Managecore’s delivery team and advocate for SAP customers.

Nick is always up to date with technology and understands how to adapt the same decades-long methodologies traditionally used to manage SAP systems – differently by delivering innovation and transparency. For example, Managecore was one of the first mid-market SAP consulting companies to support SAP on Google Cloud. Nick says, “No one wants to pivot, but as an IT leader, you must be able to, and have the knowledge to do so for your customers this is the only way to deliver the best SAP managed services consistently.”

It is important to understand that Managecore’s unique approach towards business relationships manifests itself in three significant ways: focused on relationships built on trust, and a deep understanding of clients’ business needs; delivering services transparently enabling customers to see precisely what they see-so clients understand what is being recommended and why; and exceeding every aspect of what the clients expect from an MSP.

Leveraging Technology to Its Fullest Potential

Nick states that technology plays a huge and vital role in how Managecore differentiates itself as the number one Managed Service Provider. It leverages technology to its fullest potential, hiring the very best SAP, cloud, and IT talent to implement and maintain enterprise technology for its customers.

Nick notes, “One way Managecore does this is via its client monitoring platform Watchdog. Watchdog is a deeply customer-centric solution and is the backbone of Managecore’s service model: a cloud-based monitoring solution that integrates with customers’ SAP environment to give them full visibility into their own IT landscape.” Managecore believes that complete transparency provides efficient long-term SAP and IT managed services support. Openness isn’t a just choice it makes – it is part of Managecore’s DNA, just as much as its SAP expertise and years of IT experience.

Accelerating the Digital Journey of Customers

Nick believes the next big thing for SAP customers will be hosting their SAP workloads in the hyperscale cloud platforms, and one such option will be SAP’s solution RISE with SAP. With Nick’s strategic leadership Managecore has prepared for such change as it has its Managecore iQ+ RISE with SAP companion solution offering to help customers attain instant value and long-term success on RISE with SAP.

Nick’s continuous focus is always in tune with what SAP customers need in the market. Today Managecore’s RISE with SAP companion solution is one of the most innovative services available in the industry. It helps accelerate customers on their digital transformation journey like no other MSP can.

Most importantly, Nick and Managecore are dedicated to always staying abreast of the SAP industry to help lead and navigate SAP customers to be prepared for the next big thing in the SAP technology space.

Being at the Forefront of Technology

Nick envisions himself as a dedicated IT leader with the ability and technical knowledge to connect all of the available technologies for the customers’ best interest and acutely apply technology to business goals. Nick wants Managecore to always be at the forefront of technology and its approach to delivering SAP and IT solutions by being recognized as providing the very best support in the industry.

Thinking Outside the Box

Nick advises aspiring entrepreneurs to always think outside of the box. He says, “To be successful, you MUST stay ahead of learning the curve. Don’t be afraid to be innovative and forward-thinking for your business and your customers. Clients always expect and look to you to know and provide technical advice, so it is imperative that as an IT leader you always stay abreast of technology.”