Omer Seyan: On a Mission to Make Hawkary the Middle Eastern Pharma Sector’s Crown Jewel

Omer Seyan
Omer Seyan

In the post-pandemic era of modern healthcare, we need leaders who consider healthcare, medicines, and pharmaceutical industries from a humane perspective rather than a purely capital perspective. This is where Omer Seyan, Chief Executive Officer of Hawkary Pharmaceuticals Co., shines like a star.

Sharing his inspiration behind venturing into the pharmaceutical industry, Omer says, “First of all, the pharmaceutical industry is considered a pure humanitarian domain, serving all patients and fellow citizens. At Hawkary, we import premium new generic products to our country because we believe in delivering high-quality medicine cheaply. Our aim is to achieve availability of all kinds of drugs, supplements, and cosmetics, increasing healthcare awareness in our community.” This commitment to providing essential healthcare solutions at affordable prices has been a driving force in Omer’s journey and inspired him to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry.

An Emerging Thought Leader

As the CEO of Hawkary Pharmaceuticals Co., Omer defines his leadership approach as thinking and collaborative. “I prioritize outlining a path and motivating my team to reach our objectives, all while nurturing an environment of trust, creativity, and responsibility,” he says.

An essential element of his leadership style involves empowering team members to contribute their viewpoints and expertise. Omer strongly believes embracing perspectives leads to innovative solutions and improved decision-making processes. “By fostering a culture where everyone’s input is valued and encouraged, we can unleash the potential of our team and promote innovation throughout the organization,” he says.

Moreover, he affirms the importance of communication and transparency within the company. It is crucial for Omer to keep his team informed about their vision, goals, and challenges while also seeking their insights and feedback. “Open dialogue cultivates a sense of ownership and alignment among us, allowing us to collaborate efficiently towards achieving our goals.”

Additionally, he leads by example by upholding values such as integrity, excellence and ongoing growth. By setting expectations for himself and the company, Omer inspires his team to strive for excellence in every aspect of their work.

Outsmarting Obstacles

Sharing his experience encountering challenges, Omer says he came across a range of obstacles, each serving as a chance for growth and development. One major hurdle he’s faced involves navigating the changing environment in the pharmaceutical sector. “These regulatory shifts can greatly impact our operations spanning from drug development to commercialization, and staying proactive in adapting to these changes is crucial.”

Omer has set up a system to tackle this issue that keeps them updated on changes. “It helps us evaluate how they might affect our business strategy. Moreover, I’ve worked on building relationships with bodies and industry experts, which has allowed us to predict regulatory patterns and address compliance matters proactively.”

Another challenge that has arisen is fostering innovation while managing risks. The pharmaceutical field is complex by nature. It is tightly regulated, which can sometimes hinder efforts. Striking a balance between fostering creativity and addressing risks calls for an approach.

In response to this challenge, Omer has introduced an innovation framework within the company that promotes experimentation and exploration while ensuring they have risk assessment and mitigation plans. “By instilling a culture that values innovation while putting safety and compliance first, we can manage risks while driving forward with groundbreaking discoveries.”

In addition, he has encountered some difficulties with managing talent and developing the organization. With the pharmaceutical industry becoming more competitive, it’s crucial to attract and keep top-notch employees to ensure their prosperity. Moreover, maintaining alignment and teamwork among departments and teams can pose challenges as the company expands and changes.

Omer says that to tackle these issues, he has emphasized investing in programs for developing talent, promoting a culture of learning and development, and encouraging collaboration and communication across functions. “By fostering a team that performs well together, we can better overcome hurdles and achieve success at Hawkary Pharmaceuticals Co.”

Strategic Response Mechanism

Furthermore, Omer says that in the dynamic and ever-evolving pharmaceutical industry, keeping up with the latest updates is crucial for success. “To ensure that Hawkary Pharmaceuticals Co. remains a leader in innovation, we implement various strategies by predicting upcoming trends and opportunities, conducting market research and competitive analysis to spot emerging trends and competitor tactics, and foreseeing changes in consumer preferences. This helps us tailor our product development and marketing strategies accordingly.”

Additionally, Omer says they maintain a deep understanding of regulatory requirements and guidelines to ensure compliance and mitigate regulatory risks. Through proactive engagement with regulatory bodies and staying abreast of changing regulations, they aim to streamline the drug development process and fast track market approval. They also emphasize talent growth and foster an innovative culture within the organization by investing in continuous training programs that empower their staff to think outside the box, welcome new concepts and encourage innovation across all facets of their operations.

Building a Strong Team

Also, as a leader, Omer strongly believes in establishing an inclusive and supportive environment where each team member is encouraged to share their unique skills and viewpoints. To nurture a culture of teamwork and creativity within his team, Omer implements various approaches;

Promoting Open Communication: He advocates for transparent communication, allowing team members to freely express ideas, feedback, and concerns. “By fostering an environment of open dialogue, we create a safe platform for collaboration and innovation.” He prioritizes team-building activities to strengthen relationships and cultivate a sense of camaraderie among colleagues. “Through promoting collaboration and trust, we effectively tackle challenges and achieve successful outcomes.”

Furthermore, Omer promotes cross-functional collaboration by encouraging teams from different departments to collaborate on projects. “By harnessing diverse perspectives and expertise, we can develop more innovative solutions that drive business growth,” he says, empowering his team members by granting them autonomy over their work while acknowledging and celebrating their contributions. “By recognizing creativity and collaboration through rewards, we encourage desired behaviors that inspire ongoing excellence.”

Lastly, he advocates for continuous learning opportunities by offering training programs, workshops, and resources that foster creativity and innovation among team members. Investing in individuals’ growth and progression helps foster a culture that values ongoing enhancement and flexibility.

The Shining Moment of Glory

Sharing a defining milestone in his career that has shaped his leadership philosophy, Omer says that throughout his journey, he has experienced moments that have influenced his views on leadership. “I’ve always seen myself as adaptable and accountable, always seeking solutions. This mindset was nurtured when I discovered a love for reading, especially books on business and personal growth. One book that particularly resonated with me was “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People “, which provided me with a solid foundation that has guided me in my career.”

Omer also draws inspiration from his father, Dr. Muhamed Ismail Seyan, who instilled in him leadership and management principles from a young age. “His guidance has been instrumental in shaping my leadership beliefs,” says Omer. “He always told me to trust work with people based on their abilities and qualifications rather than family relationships or friendship.”

One of Dr. Muhamed’s important advice to Omer is: “Don’t make hasty decisions. Take your time and study the issue well before taking any action.”

“Moreover, Mr. Suresh Kumar, the Country Manager at Micro Lab, strengthened my character and imparted insights on leadership and innovative thinking. His mentorship has significantly contributed to my growth,” adds Omer.

Furthermore, a significant turning point occurred when Omer had the privilege of participating in a Leadership Training program led by one of the most influential trainers in the Middle East. “His impactful presentation added value to my journey and further influenced my approach to leadership.”

Omer’s approach to leadership has been moulded through his encounters and the valuable advice from individuals and mentors. He also relied on himself and went through all the administration stages from an early age till he reached the CEO position.

At the Forefront of Evolution

Omer says that the pharmaceuticals field is on the brink of change, driven by technological advancements and a growing focus on medicine. Companies must keep investing in Research and Development (R&D) and discovering patents to create drugs with fewer side effects.

Moreover, he predicts that artificial intelligence (AI) will have an impact on companies. AI tools have the potential to transform parts of the industry, such as market analysis, predicting demands, and creating various reports. Using AI, pharmaceutical firms can improve efficiency, make decisions, and speed up the development and delivery of personalized medical solutions.

Omer says the future of pharmaceuticals will be marked by a mix of innovation, creativity, and technological progress. This will ultimately lead to better outcomes for patients and an effective healthcare system.

Omer’s Advise

As a thinking leader in the pharmaceutical industry, here are some tips Omer would like to offer to the upcoming professionals;

Embrace Continuous Learning: The pharmaceutical sector is constantly changing due to technological advancements and regulatory updates. Stay curious and dedicated to learning through education, professional development initiatives, or self-directed study. Develop a skill set that combines knowledge, business expertise, and leadership qualities to excel in this intricate and varied field.

Discover Your Passion: Identify your area of interest in the pharmaceutical and life sciences. Pursue it with determination. Whether it’s drug discovery, clinical research, regulatory affairs or healthcare policy. Align your career aspirations with your values and passions. A genuine drive to positively impact outcomes and public health will fuel your motivation and perseverance during challenges.

Networking is Key: Building connections is crucial for advancing your career in the pharmaceutical industry. Look for chances to engage with peers, mentors, industry experts and professional organizations to broaden your network and gain insights from others’ experiences. Take a role in industry gatherings, like conferences, seminars and networking functions, to stay updated on industry trends, build relationships and explore new career avenues.

Success in the pharmaceutical industry often relies on working and collaborating across fields. It’s important to have communication skills, build relationships, and be open to teamwork with people from various backgrounds. Appreciating viewpoints and using your team’s combined knowledge can drive innovation and help achieve common objectives.

Being resilient and adaptable is crucial for facing challenges in your career path. Embrace changes as opportunities for growth and skill development. Be flexible in adapting to market shifts, regulatory changes and technological advancements.

Aspiring professionals in the pharmaceutical sector must uphold standards, integrity and transparency. Prioritize safety, follow regulations strictly and make choices in all professional activities. Show honesty, integrity and responsibility when interacting with colleagues, stakeholders and the community to earn trust as an industry leader.

Trailblazer of Tomorrow

Continuing to push the boundaries of innovation and driving, Omer is driven by the goal of bringing about transformations in the field. His main motivation stems from wanting to enhance well-being and elevate the quality of life for those grappling with illnesses. The knowledge that their products can ease suffering, extend lives, and promote wellness inspires him to seek therapies that cater to unmet medical needs. This drive fuels his dedication to fostering changes on a societal scale within the pharmaceutical realm.

Furthermore, Omer thrives on the challenges presented by a competitive industry. “The pursuit of excellence, the urge to surpass competitors, and the aspiration to lead in innovation push me to raise standards and strive for success,” he states. “I am motivated by the chance to set our company apart, generate value for stakeholders, and attain market leadership through practices and a commitment to excellence.”

Omer’s ultimate goal is to establish Hawkary Pharmaceuticals Co. as one of the leading distributors in the Middle East, aiming to secure a spot among the top ten. This ambitious objective will be their focus in the years ahead.

To make this vision a reality while leading the way, he intends to foster a culture of commitment and teamwork within the team. “I have confidence in the capabilities of our team members. I am dedicated to providing them with all necessary support. By promoting collaboration and empowering our team, I am certain we will succeed collectively.”

He adds that with leadership, thoughtful planning, and unwavering determination, they will diligently strive to achieve their mission of emerging as a player in the pharmaceutical distribution sector in the Middle East.