Paul Paquette: Commitment to Excellence

Paul Paquette | President | InXpress Canada
Paul Paquette | President | InXpress Canada

Implementing his three decades of experience with solid values, Paul Paquette has achieved success by putting people first in his professional approach.

As the President of InXpress Canada, Paul has proven himself to be a visionary leader in the supply chain industry. His unwavering commitment to the work has allowed him to drive success within the organization and its customers.

With his innovative mindset, Paul has led his team to provide cutting-edge technology solutions that have revolutionized the shipping industry. It’s no surprise that Paul has been recognized as one of the most influential leaders in the supply chain industry to watch. He continues to push the boundaries and envision a future where InXpress Canada becomes the SME player in the SME space supporting the economy’s engine.

Persistent Approach

Paul firmly believes in putting people first and prioritizing culture in any industry he works in. He starts each day holding himself accountable to his morals, ethics, and values. This belief system has been central to his success in the supply chain and logistics industry, where he has spent 33 years. However, staying true to his beliefs has come with challenges. Paul has faced different opinions on people first and culture, especially in corporate and private industries. Despite this, he has remained unwavering in his values and believes that this has allowed him to succeed and hold his current position.

Paul began his career in the corporate world as a customer service representative and worked his way up to become an account executive with the international division. He then moved to the Canadian division, managing some of Canada’s largest corporations as a senior sales executive.

After 19 years in the corporate world, Paul ventured into the franchise industry, becoming a partner/owner with nine franchise locations across Canada. His company provided domestic, cross-border, and international services, including LTL, FTL, white glove, and specialty services. Paul spent ten years in the franchise industry before eventually becoming the president of InXpress Canada.

InXpress Canada operates under the franchisor/franchise model and has over 38 franchisees across Canada. It is a technology-driven company primarily supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with their shipping and supply chain needs. The company works with some of the best partners in the industry, such as DHL, Canpar, and Purolator, allowing them to offer SMEs the best service and rates.

InXpress Canada also offers its customers a direct point of contact, eliminating long wait times and 1-800 numbers. Furthermore, they provide customers with a range of choices, including small parcel domestic or international shipping, freight services, and warehousing, making them a trustworthy one-stop shop for their customers.

Your Promise, Our Business.

InXpress is a company that strongly believes in its GREAT values: Give Back, Results Driven, Energetic Fun, All In!, and Targeted Learning. These values define the company’s culture and guide the team’s behavior and decision-making.

The Give Back value represents the company’s commitment to making a positive impact in the communities they serve. InXpress is dedicated to supporting local charities and nonprofit organizations, and they encourage their team members to get involved and give back.

The Results Driven value reflects InXpress’s focus on achieving excellent customer results. The company is dedicated to providing the best possible service and helping its clients grow their businesses through innovative shipping and supply chain solutions.

The Energetic, Fun value represents the company’s commitment to maintaining a positive and enjoyable work environment. InXpress believes happy employees are more productive and successful and strive to create a workplace that encourages collaboration, creativity, and fun.

The All-In! value reflects the company’s commitment to being fully committed to every task, project, or goal. InXpress is dedicated to providing exceptional service and support to its customers, and they believe that success comes from being fully engaged and committed to every aspect of its work.

Finally, the Targeted Learning value represents InXpress’s commitment to ongoing learning and development. The company believes that continuous learning is essential for personal and professional growth, and they provide their team members with opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Paul says, “My personal two favorites are “G” for Give Back and “A” for All In. These two define who InXpress is and what we are all about.” Paul’s commitment to his principles of morals, ethics, and values are evident in his daily life, and he believes these principles should be at the forefront of every business. This same mindset is shared by InXpress’s head office team and franchisees, and it translates to their customers, who know that the company always has their best interests in mind. This approach has earned InXpress an excellent reputation with its customers, and Paul believes that without it, the company would not be as successful as it is today.

Driving Change

Paul believes their main goal is to assist their customers in resolving their supply chain difficulties. He acknowledges that InXpress has a vast network of knowledgeable franchisees throughout Canada devoted to providing solutions instead of merely focusing on transactional sales.

The supply chain industry has undergone significant disruptions in the past three years. Paul is proud that his team has showcased their abilities by developing some of the best solutions to reduce the negative impact on their customers’ businesses. Paul attributes this achievement to InXpress’s exceptional partnerships worldwide, and he is constantly working with their executive team to develop the best solutions for their customers.

Future Ready

InXpress’s focus on technology has been a significant factor in its success, allowing the company to offer its customers various shipping options and an easy-to-use platform. The company works closely with its developers and franchisees to continuously improve its technology and stay updated with the constantly evolving supply chain landscape. This commitment to innovation ensures that InXpress remains at the forefront of the industry and can provide its customers with the best possible service.

As someone who has spent over three decades in the supply chain industry, Paul understands the industry’s challenges and is committed to making a positive change. His vision is to create a more stable sector with better service offerings and on-time delivery while leveraging the latest technology to create a seamless end-to-end solution. Paul believes that by bringing together the brightest minds in the industry, they can work together to develop a perfect supply chain that meets the needs of today’s customers and prepares for the future. His passion for making a difference in the industry is evident in his work, and he strives daily.

Paul understands the challenges that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) face in the current economic climate. With the rising cost of goods and borrowing rates, it’s become increasingly difficult for these businesses to manage their cash flow effectively. This is where InXpress comes in – by offering SMEs a complete supply chain solution that takes care of everything from shipping to warehousing, they can free up their time and resources to focus on growing their businesses. Paul sees InXpress as a true back-office partner for SMEs, helping them navigate the supply chain’s complexities and succeed in their respective industries.

Over the Horizon

Paul has ambitious plans for his future with InXpress. As the current President of InXpress Canada, he envisions taking on a more senior role  within the global   Team. He aims to leverage his and his team’s successes in Canada and replicate them worldwide. He believes that InXpress Canada has the potential to become a significant player in the SME space, which he sees as the engine of the economy. Paul is excited at the prospect of making a meaningful impact on SMEs and their success in the future.

Bequeathing Guidance

Paul advises aspiring people venturing into the supply chain industry to figure out their core values and how you stay true to them. He says, “Understand how important culture is over experience. This will allow you to build a dedicated team that wants to get up every morning and make an impact. There will also be many ups and downs (sometimes more downs), but if you stay focused and true to yourself and keep your mindset positive, this will drive down to  the team, and they will continue to keep driving the business in a positive mindset.”

“I would like to share a quote that I have lived my whole life about as this helps me during tough times. In life, there are things we can control and things we can’t control; do not let the things we can’t control, control us,” Paul concludes.