Peloton Consulting Group: Transcending the Principles of Exponential Progress

Elise | Toni-Ann | Julia | Lesley
Elise | Toni-Ann | Julia | Lesley

Business and technology are synonymous. One enables the other to gain a competitive advantage where there maybe none. Simply embedding innovative technology in each part of a business can put it miles ahead of everyone else.

In the modern times, innovation and advancements are utterly necessary for businesses to enhance and expand their services to the segment of targeted audience in the sector. This requires the sheer expertise of the companies that have been assisting businesses to transform, grow and exponentially scale the progress to greater heights while leveraging technological augmentation.

Peloton Consulting Group is assisting businesses to acquire the edge they need to stay competitive in the modern business arena. The company’s tagline ‘Digital Transformation Realized’ sums up its mission, with people, processes, and technology being the three pillars of its approach.

People matter at Peloton, whether it’s the customer or the employee. That is why they have been selected for our edition of ‘Best Workplaces for Women in 2022.’ In this feature, the company is highlighting some of its most influential women leaders – Elise, Toni-Ann, Holly, Julia, and Lesley – their successes and contributions to the company.

In an exclusive interview with CIOLook, Elise, Toni-Ann, Holly, Julia, and Lesley highlight the values and culture at Peloton.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

Please enlighten our readers about Peloton Consulting Group, highlighting its significance in the modern industry.

Peloton Consulting Group (‘Peloton’) is a leading consultancy focused on digital transformation leveraging the cloud. Our customer-focused approach ensures that vision turns into reality and drives meaningful business transformation. We provide Advisory, Implementation, and Application Managed Services with the digital age disrupting entire industries.

At Peloton, we specialize in services that make digital transformation a reality leveraging Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human Capital Management (HCM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), and Analytics for the cloud. We have the experts, leading practices, know how, and capabilities to help clients realize the vision of digital transformation.

We believe that organizations that will thrive in the new digital age will provide value through hyper-connected capabilities that connect people, processes, and technology which is why the company partners with its clients to design strategies, implement solutions, and enable digital transformation.

Tell us about the featured people and shed some light on their professional tenure.

We have highlighted a few of our many influential women at Peloton Consulting Group.

Toni-Ann serves as Senior Vice President, Consulting, based in the NY Metro area. During her 12-year tenure at Peloton, she has grown her Practice and region exponentially, leading hundreds of successful implementations and establishing a managed services practice to ensure continued client satisfaction.

Elise is a Vice President and Chief Legal Officer for Peloton. She works cross-functionally supporting Sales, Finance, Operations, Marketing, HR, IT, and Executive Leadership. The work is fun, challenging, and collaborative. A dream job for her.

Holly is a Vice President and leads the Enterprise Resource Planning Practice at Peloton. She has 15+ years of experience applying problem-solving and technical skills to improve individual, team and organizational performance She is experienced in leveraging her deep accounting and financial knowledge to advise clients on functional solutions using the most effective strategies.

Julia serves as a Senior Director in Peloton’s Technical Services Practice. She began her career at Peloton 10 years ago in the Enterprise Performance Management Practice. Julia now leads global delivery teams in implementing Cloud Intergrations, Master Data Management, and Analytics Solutions.

Lesley was one of the first pioneers at Peloton Consulting Group and now leads the firm’s Change Management Practice. As the Vice President of this practice, she has developed Peloton’s go-to-market strategy for Change Management– an offering that is now part of all multi-pillar pursuits.

Tell us about the services that Peloton Consulting Group provides to its clients.

We at Peloton help companies leverage cloud solutions to realize the benefits of digital transformation through its full suite of services. Starting with Advisory, we help businesses envision, benchmark, and assess their current processes and technologies to provide a roadmap and implementation blueprint incorporating modern best practices.

We also provide consulting services to ensure successful implementations that drives change across the enterprise. Applying a Fit-to-Modern approach, we transform customers’ business processes to leverage enabling technology, such as Oracle, more effectively. Peloton provides a differentiated customer experience by actively involving clients from the start. Using our proven Breakaway ™ implementation methodology to deliver high-quality, innovative projects, our teams focus on driving end-user adoption linking business processes throughout the project lifecycle. As a long-time Oracle and Anaplan partner, we have also developed various Cloud Solution Accelerators to help customers reduce manual effort, and cost of ownership and increase accuracy and efficiency.

Peloton offers customers Managed Services which provides day-to-day operational support and solution enhancements. We are focused, committed, and passionate to demonstrate progress, measuring results, and delivering practical solutions that produce transformational outcomes.

What was the inspiration to establish a platform that provides training and intelligence programs for professional industry leaders?

As a professional services firm, our people are our biggest asset. We want to ensure we are creating a learning environment where all team members feel empowered to show up energized each day to drive transformational results for our clients. One of our top priorities has always been to provide our team members with the right resources and tools they need to be successful and grow into outstanding professionals. We continuously foster a learning centric environment while providing our team members with the stretch opportunities to ensure they are challenged and growing in their careers.

What were the initial challenges that your company had to overcome, and what are the challenges now?

Peloton Consulting Group has been rapidly growing over the past several years. A critical aspect of Peloton’s success has always been our shared company values and strong company culture. Fast forward to today, where we are a growing, global firm, we face the challenge of ensuring that we maintain the same culture and operate within the same company values. We see it as a strategic imperative to continue to evolve our culture, invest in our employees, and foster a collaborative culture focused on cultivating top talent.

In your opinion, what are the essential fundaments of the best workplace, and how can other companies embrace the same to enhance their workforce and working principles?

At Peloton Consulting Group, we are committed to cultivating an inclusive and collaborative workplace where all employees can achieve their personal and professional best. Our firm continues to stay dedicated to providing opportunities to foster community and to strengthen culture. We focus on expanding leadership opportunities for women, promoting their voices and perspectives inside and outside the firm, from recruiting to retaining the best women professionals in the industry.

“I believe the fundamentals of a great workplace like Peloton is a place where women can have all the opportunities to grow their career and have support from management on moving to different paths based on where one is with their personal life. Being a part of a company that is flexible and willing to work with individuals is fundamental.” – Toni-Ann

“Fundamental to a ‘best workplace’ are the people from the most senior leader to the most recent hire. Peloton created a global company culture based on shared mutual respect and trust, open communication, a clear mission, and a sense of purpose for our work and the greater community. Peloton puts people first– both internally and with our client-centered approach to work. Peloton has a great energy because our colleagues are interesting, unique, and dynamic people who also happen to be incredibly smart.” – Elise

“I believe great companies like Peloton strive to heighten their employees’ sense of purpose and dignity about the work that they do. Building a culture that recognizes individual contributions, provides constructive feedback, and offers levelling up opportunities for women and others to play new roles.” – Julia

What vital aspects and fundamentals make Peloton Consulting Group stand out as one of the best places to work in the modern industry, especially for women?

A vital aspect that makes Peloton Consulting Group stand out as one of the best workplaces for women is seeing and experiencing the success of women in leadership positions at Peloton. Women at our firm manage large clients with complex challenges. They successfully lead teams of professional consultants focused on solving our client’s key issues, ultimately delivering positive change and digital transformation.

“I think Peloton’s culture is inherently egalitarian. We are open to diversity, encourage thought leadership and creativity, and, most importantly, are not afraid to put people who show initiative in client-facing delivery roles. At Peloton, we encourage diversity in our team compositions and provide client-facing delivery opportunities for the entire consulting pool. I think this inherently helps women seeking to enter and grow in the industry.” – Julia

What are the necessary factors and aspects in providing consultation and managed services, and how does Peloton Consulting Group stand out as one of the leading companies in this sector?

“At the heart of consulting and managed services is a desire to help the people inside a company to learn, grow, adapt, and adopt new technologies and new approaches to their work. Peloton is unique in its approach to software implementation by incorporating hands-on education and training throughout the engagement. We recognize that change is not easy, so we involve our strong Change Management practice. We take the time to educate and explain our processes, and we become trusted partners to our clients.” – Elise

“First and foremost, our clients come first. I know most companies say that, but we are really actionable on ensuring our clients get the best team, latest technology and processes that allow them to grow with this evolving world.” – Toni-Ann

“Consulting is hard work and long hours, and you have the opportunity to work with a lot of different personalities – that means you need to work with people you trust to do their jobs – we all have to take on different roles at different times and rely on one another in order to be successful.” – Lesley

“What use is technology if no one uses it? This is the question we asked ourselves when defining our consulting delivery approach. We’ve developed a white glove service that has proven to drive adoption of solutions through our Fit-to-Modern and Business Adoption Modeling (BAM) sessions.” – Holly

Share your valuable opinions on how advanced technology is reshaping the modern industry and how Peloton Consulting Group leverages these emerging technologies to enhance its services and operations.

“The solutions we implement allow our clients to be more efficient, effective, and nimble with the changing world. When clients have all the data they need at their fingertips; they can make informed decisions that help keep their company growing, which keeps their employees employed.” – Toni-Ann

“Advanced Technologies are streamlining business processes and cross-pollinating data by between industries, departments, and teams. Peloton is a consumer of the same software services we sell and implement for our customers. Being on both sides of the fence, gives our consultants a unique vantage point and edge of truly a peer to our customers while also being their trusted advisor.” – Holly

What would you like to advise the budding aspirants who are willing to venture into providing consulting and management services?

Good consulting firms like Peloton, provide wonderful opportunities for personal growth and career advancement. We believe to think outside of the box and challenge yourself to evolve and grow as technologies and businesses evolve and grow.

“Be willing to wear any hat. All roles are important, and no role should be too small and insignificant, or too large and foreboding to take on. Also, get comfortable with the uncomfortable. The only way to grow is to be put into situations where you need to work through difficult situations and find your own path.” – Lesley

How do you envision Peloton Consulting Group eventually, and how do you plan to enhance its operations and programs concerning its future goals?

Part of our growth strategy is to continue building our team with talented individuals domestically and internationally. It will be important for Peloton to be an industry leader in attracting a diverse population. Critical to this will be fostering a culture that appreciates and collaborates across many different cultures and backgrounds. Promoting and creating a vibrant, diverse workforce is a top priority for the firm, and we are working to consistently find ways to encourage connectedness across the firm, creating a “One Peloton” environment. With “Voice” being one of Peloton’s company values, we want to continue to foster an inclusive environment that supports people from all backgrounds to share their voices and ideas while being their authentic selves.