Pfizer’s Omicron Booster Shows Strong Response Against New Subvariant

According to Pfizer, their omicron booster strengthens the immune response to many newly developing Covid subvariants that are in circulation in the United States.

In comparison to a fourth dosage of the initial immunizations, the booster produced greater antibodies against the omicron sublineages BQ.1.1, BA.4.6, BA.2.75.2, and XBB.1 in persons over the age of 55. Antibodies are a crucial component of the immune system preventing viruses from infecting cells.

Omicron booster recipients had antibodies against BQ.1.1 that were around nine times greater than those who received a fourth dose of the initial vaccination, whilst those who received the latter had antibodies that were roughly twice as high. The omicron booster produced the largest immune response against BA.4.6 with antibodies that were 11 times greater and the weakest response against XBB.1 with antibodies that were around five times higher among the developing subvariants.

According to U.S. health experts, since the new subvariants are all omicron and many of them are descended from BA, the boosters should offer stronger defense against them.