Phenix Salon Suites: A Great Service Combined with a Terrific Concept

Gina Rivera | Founder & President | Phenix Salon Suite
Gina Rivera | Founder & President | Phenix Salon Suite

Salon professionals are enthusiastically embracing the salon suite concept, as it empowers them to control their hours and keep more of their earnings for themselves. Various franchise owners say that one of the most rewarding parts of their business is allowing others to be their own boss and run their business how they like/ prefer. Salon professionals share their enthusiasm with their friends in the industry which means one can enjoy lower than expected turnover and a high occupancy rate.

Imagine, you and your stylist are in a private suite. You don’t have to listen to everyone’s life story in an open-floor salon, and you share yours without everyone else hearing it. Free from the chatter and callous gossip, you can truly experience the ambiance of an exclusive spa. Phenix Salon Suites is one such hottest concepts in franchising and is attracting various people from all walks of life. At the core, the company provides the opportunity for Salon Professionals to own the credibility of their business at a fraction of the cost of opening a full-scale salon.

Staying at the Forefront

Staying at the Forefront means understanding the artistic and technical trends for beauty as well as the business climate. As the Founder of Phenix Salon Suites, and a hairstylist Gina Riverafamily has been in the beauty industry since 1929. She currently has over 25 hairstylists and barbers in her family. She grew up sweeping hair from the floors of her parent’s salon. This is why Gina developed a deep passion for the industry. She began styling hair when she was very young and attended beauty school at the age of 17. Gina loved both the business side and the artistic side of the industry. Through a variety of experiences, Gina realized how important it was to be able to work for yourself in your own salon. She was aware that many Salon Professionals lacked the financial resources to be able to open a business on their own. Her focus was to develop a concept that would support Salon Professionals with realizing their goal of business ownership.

In 2012, the economy took a hit. Phenix Salon Suite had just started to expand, it was a time that Gina had to challenge herself to face her fears and develop new strategies for taking the company to the next level. During the recession, she continued focused on her goals of expansion and development. She identified items where the team could reduce spending while still growing the company. Gina had to be very creative in terms of marketing and allocating resources wisely. It required her to get past many fears involving strategic risks. Gina became more determined than ever that she could push herself, and the company, through adversity. Eventually, the economy bounced back, and her approach paid off.

Corporate Store Development

Phenix Salon Suites’ current focus includes corporate store development, meaning building and operating stores at the corporate level in addition to franchise-owned locations. The company’s real estate development, site selection process, and support functions that it has in place are best in class which is evident by the fact that it has not closed a single location. Less than 1% of all franchisees have experience in the beauty industry. Phenix Salon is an employee light model with limited moving parts. It’s the opportunity to grow in a stable business that requires low on-site management. It’s also the chance to participate in a revolution that’s occurring in this business sector and changing the way the beauty operators have traditionally conducted business.

Strong and Expanded Services

The plan for expansion includes continuing to provide strong and expanded services to both Salon Professionals and Franchise owners. Providing impeccable service and a great culture sets the stage for the company to retain its current franchise owners as well as to assist them with expansion. Phenix Salon Suites is also working on international expansion plans. Further, it allows the company to attract and secure the business of new franchise owners. The Salon Suites has currently identified several international markets where it plans to establish a footprint. Further, each franchise owner is provided a 31-point marketing plan that is focused on engaging and attracting Salon Professionals continuously, which contributes to long term success.

Hair and Beauty Industry Leader

Gina Rivera is a well-known icon in the world of beauty. Rivera skyrocketed to success when the company she founded, Phenix Salon Suites, became the fastest-growing salon suite company in the beauty industry and the only one to ever be named to Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 500 Franchise List. This success lead Rivera to be featured on the Emmy Award-winning show UNDERCOVER BOSS. After receiving one of the highest Nielsen ratings ever for an episode, she was propelled into the limelight and generated a tremendous fan base inside and outside of the beauty world both domestically and internationally. At the core of her success, Rivera is a hairstylist and an artist. Her family has an 85 year legacy in this industry that includes 25 Salon Professionals working primarily as hairstylists and barbers. Before she was the President of a successful multi-national company, she was a hairdresser who began her career as a little girl sweeping hair from the floor of her parent’s salons. She is now a recognized force in the industry and a household name in beauty.

Multi-Unit Prospects Across the Globe

The Phenix team provides expert assistance with site location; hands-on support with construction and site development; and a market analysis designed to assist with setting suite rates. Its expansive services also include marketing support on the social media front, a template website to accommodate internet presence, and a library of collateral marketing materials that may be utilized for promotional campaigns. The company is developing a great focus on marketing to large multi-unit prospects in key countries across the globe. This is paying off, and the company is building relationships with large multiunit franchisees which will have a significant impact on moving its international expansion plans to the next level. As the company expands its foothold in the marketplace, it attracts a more sophisticated clientele which allows it to build the brand at an accelerated pace.

Products Offered by Phenix Salon

Franchising has helped Phenix Salon Suites to expand its footprint nationwide. In addition, the company is now getting focus internationally. Franchising has also been key when in terms of brand recognition and expansion. This is relevant as it relates to obtaining stylist who seeks us out Phenix Salon Suites provides a vast array of services for Salon Professionals. The company’s Salon Professionals are composed of a hairstylist, barbers, aestheticians, manicurists, massage therapist, professional make-up-artist, tattoo artist, brow and lash artist and more. This allows them to operate independently. Additionally, they may set their business hours; select their products to sell and use; and decorate their private suite to their liking. The company also provides support through an on-site receptionist who greets guests and assists with maintaining a professional and clean environment. Besides, the company offers several educational opportunities free of cost or at a minimal amount to its Salon Professionals. An Opportunity of Living the American Dream Phenix Salon Suite understands that they are providing an opportunity for Salon Professionals to realize the American dream of owning their businesses. This extends to its franchise partners as well. It’s exciting to assist people with building their net worth and witness them to realize their success. The company has experienced rapid growth. The suite concept has been extremely well received in the industry and has changed the face of how Salon Professionals do business. Great service combined with, a terrific concept has allowed Phenix Salon Suites, to grow at a rate of more than 20% consistently on an annual basis. The Phenix Salon Suite model is very unique. This is evident, considering the company continued to grow at a consistent rate even during times when the economy was experiencing a recession.