PickUp USA Fitness: Unparalleled Gym Experience to the Customers

Jordan Meinster | Founder & President | PickUp USA Fitness
Jordan Meinster | Founder & President | PickUp USA Fitness

The gym industry is a continuously growing portion of the US economy. Economically, the health club industry has proven to be recession-proof, averaging an 8% annual growth rate since the early 1990s across all health clubs and gyms. Across the United States, the percentage of people visiting health clubs and gyms have also doubled over the past 20 years. Data from International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) shows that 60.9 million Americans belong to at least one fitness club nationwide. As work-out centers are rapidly growing in terms of business, it’s the business owners, who are investing and purchasing fitness franchises, that offer low-cost membership as well as convenient hours.

Surprisingly fitness franchise is a popular business venture along with basketball, which is a popular sport, with over 23 million participants nationwide each year. More than 30 million people across the United States of America have played basketball during the last 12 months (data from Statista). Delivering world-class service to the customers, and strong economic returns for the club owners PickUp USA Fitness are one such basketball-focused fitness clubs. The fitness club offers group and private basketball training, weight and cardio rooms, and its main feature- PickUp basketball referees.

Initial Development Concept

The development process that brought PickUp USA Fitness from an initial concept to where it is now has been a challenging yet valuable journey. The company has learned countless lessons through the tough road of trial and error as to how to best meet its customer’s needs & thrive as an independent gym. Name an obstacle and the company probably overcome it. From site location to construction, to scheduling, to staffing, to training, to sales; the fitness gym has encountered the whole gamut to challenges and can now confidently implement its tried & true system to fitness entrepreneurs looking to avoid those same pitfalls. Most importantly, PickUp has learned from the customers and always structured its services based on what the consumers are demanding. After seven years of operating experience, the company has a business model in place that has been crafted through experience and adapting to consumer preferences.

Full-Service Fitness Club

PickUp USA Fitness provides a fun yet challenging basketball boot-camps and results-oriented private training sessions for their athletes to learn and develop their skills to achieve their goals. Another key differentiator is it’s organized and officiated PickUp Games. PickUp has the opportunity to play in daily competitive PickUp Games that retains all of the fun aspects of pickup basketball yet cuts out all of the hassles. The fitness franchise combines these basketball services with full weight/cardio rooms, and deliver a true full-service club to its members.

World-Class Services

Currently, the company is less than four years old as a franchisor and can now boast sites in 4 states with additional sites pending in 3 other states. For the company, sky is the limit mostly because basketball is a truly global sport. The company envisions itself to be a nationwide brand that will be operating in all 50 states and possibly beyond. The focus of the company is on delivering strong unit-level economics at each franchise location and continuing to refine the model to ensure PickUp USA Fitness world-class service to the customers and strong economic returns for the club owners.

Friendly and Genuine Professional

Successful franchise owners are typically successful leaders. Excellent communication skills are a quality that many successful business owners, not just franchise owners share. And, when it comes to Franchise owners, you will be managing and running the franchise location. This means you need to have financial knowledge if you’re considering becoming a franchise owner. After working close to a decade in financial services, Jordan Meinster, Founder and President launched PickUp USA Fitness in 2011 and began the franchising concept in 2016.

Jordan played PickUp basketball his entire life, and always envisioned a gym that would improve the basketball experience for the millions of players across the country. There are currently PickUp USAs operating across the country, including multiple locations owned by NBA athletes. Jordan aims to deliver “A Better Way to Play” to communities across the country and to drive strong financial returns for PickUp USA Fitness franchise owners.

Offering Various Facilities

What set PickUp apart is its unique basketballfocused offerings. PickUp Fitness is the first and only basketball-focused fitness club concept operating in the United States. The fitness franchise offer traditional amenities like weight and cardio rooms for the 60 million people nationwide who are gym members. The demographics for its clubs’ customers are amazingly diverse with services for men, women, and children as young as 5 years old; and skills levels from beginners to experts.

Combining basketball-focused services for the 30 million people nationwide that participate in the sport, franchisees have a tremendous opportunity to build a great business in their neighborhood. To run the fitness club PickUp USA Fitness has operated Plug-and-play model so that there is no guesswork involved. The franchise club also has minimal inventory management with simple processes for ease of operating. Bottom line- A polished operating system allowing you to have fun, interact with customers, and grow your business