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Dr Kazim
Dr. Nahla Kazim

With over 25 years of experience in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Dr. Nahla Kazim stands as a distinguished figure in the field of reproductive health. As the Founder of Kazim’s Fertility Barza, Director of Fertility Preservation at Bourn Hall IVF, formerly Scientific Director at Fakih IVF, formerly Chief Administrator at Tawam Fertility Center, Specialist Obstetrics and Gynaecology/Reproductive Health at Mafraq Hospital, and Adjunct Associate Professor Ob-Gyn at UAE University her extensive career has been marked by numerous titles and increasing responsibilities.

Dr. Kazim’s passion lies in pursuing unique, innovative, and out-of-the-box approaches to address challenges in the realm of infertility diagnosis and treatment. Her open-mindedness has been a valuable asset, both personally and professionally. Over her medical career, she has accumulated over 20 years of expertise in all aspects of infertility diagnosis and treatment and reproductive health. Her focus also extends to the management of early and late OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome) and early pregnancy complications.

A proud advocate of emergent technologies, Dr. Kazim has explored the use of VR/AR glasses in the field of Reproductive Medicine. These technologies have played a crucial role in improving patient/couples’ identification processes, providing access to diagnostic tests and radiological images during oocyte retrieval procedures. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she successfully applied these innovations for safe, contactless practices, enhancing treatment planning precision and safety measures, ultimately leading to improved fertility treatment outcomes.

Beyond clinical practice, Dr. Kazim possesses inherent talent in understanding diagnostic coding information and proficiently encoding various clinical scenarios and procedures through appropriate disease classification. This skill has significantly contributed to the strengthening of health information management systems, reducing claim rejections, and optimizing reimbursement processes.

Dr. Kazim’s journey is characterized by a commitment to excellence, continuous innovation, and a profound impact on the advancement of reproductive medicine. Her multidimensional contributions underscore her leadership in the field and her dedication to improving patient outcomes and healthcare practices.

Approach to Cultural and Societal Contexts in Fertility Preservation

Dr. Kazim shares that the most rewarding aspect of her role as the Director of Fertility Preservation is witnessing the joy and relief on the faces of individuals and couples when they realize that their dream of becoming parents is possible. Assisting them in navigating the complex world of fertility preservation and giving them hope for a future family is an unparalleled feeling of satisfaction.

Dr. Kazim maintains an open-minded approach to the sensitive cultural and societal contexts in which her patients live. She educates them about fertility preservation while also addressing their concerns within the framework of current fertility regulations and legislation. Ensuring that each patient feels heard, respected, and supported is of utmost importance to her.

Significance of Emotional Support During the Process

In providing emotional support and counseling to individuals and couples undergoing fertility preservation procedures, Dr. Kazim acknowledges the sensitive nature of this journey. She believes that understanding the nature of the disease personally and taking time to explain it to the patient in simple, subtle ways is a true icebreaker. Dr. Kazim is committed to building strong relationships with patients based on trust and empathy. She works collaboratively in a team and dedicates considerable time to each patient, aiming to understand their concerns, communicate honestly about their options, and provide emotional support throughout their fertility preservation journey.

Ensuring Proficiency

In her unique approach, Dr. Kazim collaborates closely with a multi-disciplinary team of medical professionals, including Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Oncologists, Hematologists, Surgeons, Andrologists, Psychologists, Clinical Geneticists, and others, all within the framework of tertiary care. This collaborative approach facilitates the development of comprehensive and effective care plans for each patient, ensuring adherence to the best medical practices. Through continuous communication and collaboration, the resulting powerful team addresses both patients’ wellbeing as well as reproductive health, encompassing not only the physical aspects but also their emotional and societal needs. This is the approach employed across patients of different ages and genders to expand the reproductive health window.

Continuous Mission to Enhance Outcomes in Challenging Cases

In the context of patients with complex conditions and expected poor outcomes, Dr Kazim is continuously inspired to utilize her deep knowledge, vast experience, and confidence in emerging technologies in order to achieve better fertility outcomes. This is epitomized in the successes that Dr Kazim has achieved in the management of challenging cases such as patients with different kinds of cancers, genetic conditions and chronic diseases.

Additionally, she is validating the application of ovarian rejuvenation with PRP, stem-cell injections, and ovarian tissue cryopreservation for patients with premature ovarian insufficiency or following gonadotoxic treatment, aiming to revive and sustain ovarian function.

Exploration of Advanced Technologies in Fertility Preservation

Dr. Kazim recognizes that AI technologies for predictive analysis, wearable devices, and digitized, personalized treatment planning have markedly enhanced successful outcomes in fertility preservation and bolstered the field of digital health. Embracing these advancements allows for the provision of tailor-made fertility treatments that are not only safe and efficient but also substantially improve the likelihood of successful pregnancy, even for patients with a poor prognosis.

Dr. Kazim is currently exploring advancements in Metaverse/VR and AR technology for early prediction and precision-based fertility treatments. By leveraging these technologies, she aims to enhance the preventive approach to fertility preservation and offer an accessible bridge to more precise, personalized treatments.

As a leader in the field, Dr. Kazim advises individuals or couples considering fertility preservation, especially those uncertain or anxious about the process. She emphasizes that there is no ‘right’ decision when it comes to fertility preservation; each person or couple must make the decision that feels right for them. Dr.

Kazim underscores the importance of prioritizing mental and emotional health throughout the process and encourages ensuring support from professionals, friends, or family to navigate this complex journey. She highlights that every man or woman, whether married or unmarried, should be proactive in seeking fertility wellbeing, as it is integral to general wellbeing.

Leading with Compassion and Patient-Centric Care

Dr. Kazim believes in leading by example and strives to embody the values she wishes to see in her team.

Regular team briefings, celebrating small victories, and providing a platform for every voice to be heard helps her team stay motivated and aligned with their patient-focused mission. She asserts that they adhere to a patient-first approach where the emotional wellbeing of their patients is considered as important as their medical treatment. Dr. Kazim and her team ensure that patients understand every step of their treatment journey, and they are there to hold their hand throughout the process.

Passion for Fertility Solutions and Patient Care

Dr. Kazim’s passion has always been driven by the potential to bring joy to individuals and couples yearning to have children in the future. Regardless of the medical challenges or infertility factors that patients present, her best efforts are dedicated to instilling hope and providing solutions through current science, available technology, and resources. She aspires for her legacy to be one of innovation and compassion, pioneering advanced fertility solutions while ensuring that patient care remains at the heart of everything she does or practices. She believes that aligning one’s passions with meaningful goals and values brings a greater sense of fulfillment and contentment.

Dr. Kazim pays tribute to the priceless national and international contributions that have shaped her success as an Emirati doctor. She expresses deep gratitude for the uninterrupted support she has received from visionary UAE leaders, parents, family, friends, colleagues, mentors, teachers, professors; she also acknowledges the support of federal and local governments, ministries, authorities, universities, medical colleges, institutions, organizations, hospitals, Obstetrics and Gynecology departments, fertility centers, healthcare, digital and technical pharmaceutical industries, as well as societies with governmental and non-governmental support groups. All of these entities align with the vision of the UAE as “A healthy nation, free of diseases and the role model of the happiest country in the world.”

Kazim’s Fertility Barza: Enhancing the Science and Culture of Reproductive Wellbeing

Founded by Dr. Nahla Kazim, a visionary in the field of Reproductive Medicine, this first of its kind initiative is poised to bring about a transformation in the way that fertility wellness is approached. Kazim’s Fertility Barza has made it its mission to unlock the secrets to a healthier, happier, and longer life by enhancing fertility and overall wellness, achieved through balancing time-tested treatments and innovative technologies with fertility treatment standards, legislations and regulations.

At Kazim’s Fertility Barza, the quest for healthier and happier lives is relentless. It’s a space where pioneering practices are emphasized, where knowledge is democratized, and where every individual is empowered to bring about a positive change in their life. In upcoming years, Dr. Nahla and her team aim to deepen their influence and extend their research to create an even more significant impact on global health and wellbeing.