Ransomware Cyberattacks on Kaseya have up to 1500 businesses compromised

Ransomware cyberattacks on Kaseya have up to 1500 businesses compromised

Businesses around the world are in shambles due to a cyberattack that targeted a software company, Kaseya. The cyberattack could potentially cost tens of millions of dollars, affecting more than small-scale companies. Majority of the Kaseya’s customers use Kaseya’s technology to manage IT infrastructure for local and small businesses.

The attackers have requested a $70 million payment through bitcoin to exchange for a decryption tool that could help victims recover from the attack and possibly, data loss. In a statement by the CEO of Kaseya, Fred Voccola said, “Our global teams are working around the clock to get our customers back up and running.”

The company addressed working with various government agencies, including the FBI, CISA, and Department of Homeland Security. FireEye Mandiant IR is also working on the incident to prevent the chances of excessive data loss.