Ratan Tata Invests in Senior Citizen Companionship Service Startup  

Ratan Tata

Industry veteran Ratan Tata declared his recent investment in a startup named Goodfellows, which offers companionship for senior citizens as a service. He has been a proactive backer of startups since he retired from Tata Group. The service startup was founded by Shantanu Naidu. 
Mr. Naidu, 25, a Cornel University graduate, is a General Manager in Mr. Tata’s office and has been under the guidance of Tata since 2018. 
When speaking about the companionship startup, 84-year-old Mr. Tata appreciates Mr. Naidu’s idea of the startup. The formation has been working with 20 elders for the last 6 months for the beta phase of the financial capital and planning services in Pune, Chennai, and Bengaluru. Startup enjoys activities such as playing cards, reading the newspaper, spending time with them, napping, and simply talking to them.