Renault and Google Partner to Develop a ‘Software Defined’ Vehicle


Renault, a French carmaker, is collaborating with Google to create its vehicles similarly to how a computer company creates software.

In the agreement, which builds on an earlier partnership between the two companies, Renault agrees to use cloud computing technologies to create what it terms a “software defined” vehicle.

The two businesses intend to develop a “digital twin” of a new car using artificial intelligence. In order to test and monitor physical objects before they are used in the real world, digital twins attempt to reproduce them in a virtual environment.

According to the companies, the agreement will assist Renault in creating new on- and off-board applications. Renault will customise users’ experiences to adapt to frequently visited locations, such as electric vehicle charging stations, and utilise data analytics to identify and fix any malfunctions in the way the vehicle operates.

Renault and Google collaborated for the first time in 2018 to incorporate Google’s Android operating system into in-car media displays. According to the business, it eventually wants to migrate its entire operational model to the cloud.