Robbie Antonio: Global Leader of Technology-Driven Start-upss

Robbie Antonio | Founder & CEO | Resident Holdings
Robbie Antonio | Founder & CEO | Resident Holdings

The Global reach of technological-driven start-ups has opened up many new frontiers for organizations across the globe. For any leader having a clear vision to thrive in this disruption is vital for businesses. Leaders must be comfortable and should be open to various new ideas and innovations and they should communicate them to their employees and peers. At the core, no company or leader is immune from the force of technological shift. With the understanding of the current market landscape and identifying possible trends, Robbie Antonio is the Founder and CEO of Resident Holdings He has achieved success in the fields of property, fintech edutech, e-commerce, home accessories, beauty, fashion, jewelry, food, electronics, and gaming. His experience in brand marketing reached new heights when he launched his umbrella company:

Resident Holdings.

Below is his story,

Robbie reads a lot and meets a lot of fellow CEOs to understand the current market landscape and identify possible trends, opportunities, red flags that may come up. “You can never be overprepared when you’re in business. The direction and fate of the company rest on your decisions and inputs”, says Robbie.

Being a real estate developer in the field of consumer branding, he has worked with various celebrities and influencers for worldwide projects representing 20 companies involving fashion, fintech and edutech. Under the Resident Holdings Group is fast-growing and e-commerce companies. Antonio has achieved achievements in the fields of real estate and e-commerce, he is also venturing into e-services with upcoming companies such as Reform Legal Services, Rejuvenate Service Corporation, Reconcile Corporation, RACE, and so on.

Robbie is embarking on a more challenging role with Resident Holdings. He is rolling out and beefing up the company’s non-property related business units, as the company is increasing manpower exponentially to top-quality managers and employees so that it can help those companies hit the ground running. He is also putting up companies involved in e-commerce, services, fashion, fintech and edutech.

Robbie always keeps challenging himself to innovate continuously and his company is doing a staggered rollout of the companies to be able to introduce Resident Holding’s concepts and business models at different stages. The common thread that connects the business units is the celebrity partnership DNA. All of these companies are completely celebrity curated. He believes that by partnering with celebrities, reputable personalities and companies, it instantly elevates the image, perception, and value of any product.

Resident Holdings Group is a Southeast-Asia based global holding company of technologically-driven startups with a strategy of global expansion and interests in the fields of social media marketing, franchising, tech-based legal, medical, and accounting services. Its flagship company is unicorn startup Revolution Precrafted, a supplier of traditional and prefabricated homes and structures with a footprint in 31countries in Asia, Middle East, Europe, North and South America, and the Caribbean Islands. Resident Holdings traces the roots of to the formation of its flagship company, Revolution Precrafted in December 2015. At the time, there was very little awareness and preference for prefabricated homes. A lot of people have misconceptions about what prefab homes are. So the company came up with an idea to partner with some of the designers and architects in the world to curate transportable, modular homes. Since its launch, Revolution Precrafted has become the only unicorn company in the Philippines, valued at over $1bn. Robbie considers his experience in Revolution as an important highlight of his leadership path. He was able to form and lead a team committed to succeeding in a space that was previously not as celebrated and talked about.

Robbie has received several awards from different organizations as one of the youngest and most prolific collectors of international modern and post-war contemporary art. He has always believed in continuously improving to drive his team and company forward. He believes that itis the role of the CEO to always check the market landscape and think out of the box to come up with new projects, products, and solutions that people will patronize… things that will improve their lives. In the first place, he came up with the idea of Resident Holdings to introduce new businesses outside of the real estate sector, which he has been involved in for so long. Indeed, the CEO needs to create a spark that will drive the revolution within the company.

Robbie is recognized as “20 of the World’s Most Innovative Art Collectors,” in 2014, and also “12 Young Art Collectors to Watch in 2016.” He wants to surprise the market with new offerings and don’t like to rest on laurels. He also tries to incorporate a new element to every business unit to be different. CEO always faces the toughest task. His team introduces new concepts and new ideas all the time to create new revenue streams and sometimes, these ideas face questions and challenges from the board or the management committee. His game plan always breaks from convention and break new concepts. In a very competitive landscape, the first one who introduces new takes a sizable chunk of the market. He always wants to be the one to change the game by introducing something new.

Robbie’s vision is to be prepared to come up with different paths to achieve your goal and work hard to achieve it. “You have to convince everyone of the value of these concepts before they receive the green light”, says the leader. The problem is made even more complicated by regulatory limitations and standards. Once approved, you now have to think about operations, marketing, logistics. A CEO needs to lead all aspects of the business to make it succeed. The company has over 20 business units under Resident Holdings but it intends to come up with new business ideas. The company’s goal in the next 5 to 10 years is to be present in more industries and to be a truly global player., edutech, e-commerce, home accessories, beauty, fashion, jewelry, food, electronics, and gaming. His experience in brand marketing reached new heights when he launched his umbrella company: Resident Holdings.