Robotic Waiters in Colorado Restaurant Serve Diligently


One Colorado restaurant is altering the way it serves up its typical fare thanks to robots.

In order to save money, Manik Sakya, the proprietor of two eateries in the Glenwood Springs region that provide fusion Indian, Nepali, Tibetan, and Thai cuisine, chose to hire three cat robots.

Sakya claimed that he had challenges in hiring after COVID.

In order to save some money without sacrificing customer service, he concluded that investing in robots could be a smart idea.  “It seemed like a good way to combine his passion for robots and get help at a discounted rate,” Sakya said.

Each robot serves up to four tables concurrently and then returns to the kitchen after completing the entire order.

A single robot from Sakya costs about $25,000, which is less than the annual salary of one employee. Sakya estimates that by using fewer servers in his eateries, he has saved thousands of dollars.

Even while the delivery is quicker, it doesn’t entirely replace the necessity for human waiters who can describe the level of spice in a particular meal.  Two or three human servers do operate with the robot at Sakya during the entire day.

In addition to saving money, Sakya has seen an increase in the number of patrons entering his eateries Everest Nepal and Nepal due to their interest in having a robot serve them as well as their children’s excitement to pet the robot cat.

“The best part of having robots work for you is that they don’t argue with you or get tired,” Sakya said.

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