Rochelle Parry: Assuring Secured Life with Good Retirement Plans

Rochelle , CEO , WealthKnowledge | CIOLook | Business Magazines
Rochelle , CEO , WealthKnowledge | CIOLook | Business Magazines

After working for many years, most people desire to enjoy their dream lifestyle. However, taking retirement or leaving a job is not easy for everyone. Living their second innings, the rest of the journey, on pension or any other reciprocal source of income can be hard. Hence, it is essential for them to plan for it. Wealth Of Knowledge helps people in taking their hand through decision making and guides them in their financial investments. Being a part of this organization Rochelle Parry, CEO of Wealth Of Knowledge, facilitates customers with a special pension review, with her tremendous contribution to the success of the organization in the global marketplace.

Following is Rochelle’s inspirational life journey which displays her philanthropic ideology and its remarkable impact over the society. 

My passion for leadership started years ago, I always knew I wasn’t going to be a follower. I have always been an instinctual leader. Some people thrive in their 9-5 and when it came down to it I just couldn’t stomach the idea of every day being the same. In management and leadership, every day is different with built-in variety, as you work with new products, teach new impacts, and work with new staff. The day I saw my true ability to teach was year’s back, whilst working in a direct sales company in Manchester. I watched the people around me teaching, training and succeeding. Then I knew, this is what I wanted to do! I wanted to share my knowledge and my skills, I loved it! That light bulb moment where someone understands what you’re teaching them and the light clicks on, that’s what makes me tick.

Our products and services are easy to make attainable to our target audience. As we deal with financial advice and retirement plans. So, it’s quite easy to get people on board, you just have to make sure you’re open, honest and as transparent as you know how to be about the services you can provide.

Personally, I never take experience into consideration when bringing in new staff. In fact, I prefer a clean slate. If staff have too much experience in a similar industry they tend to have previous companies bad habits, and most people have enough of their own to contend with. However, I would say my top 6 attributes are:

  • Confidence
  • Punctuality
  • Proactivity
  • Resilience
  • Positivity
  • Adaptability

On paper, things have never looked better for women in business, more businesses than ever are owned by women, but it’s only part of the story. The hurdles women experience are still vastly different to those their male counterparts contend with.

I would say the main thing I have come up against was struggling to be taken seriously. As a female entrepreneur in a male-dominated industry, earning respect has been a real struggle. People still expect me to give up work when I have kids! I was more than willing to put in the work to create my own reputation for being a hardworking, honorable business person. In order to reach there, I decided to treat myself better, as once you stop the negative self-talk it creates a positive ambiance. I am proud to call myself a feminist and that scares some people but in reality, it just means that what I do is my choice, and what you do is yours. As long as you can look in the mirror and be proud of what you have created that’s all that really matters.

This year, I was awarded an FT& Heroes Award as one of the ‘50 future female leaders’ for my work with women and girls across the North West. My passion is helping women to get into a business. I volunteer at a local girl guiding unit helping 5-11-year-olds through their STEM-related badges and develop the interest in a future that involves more than just paying bills.

Wealth Of knowledge also runs a leadership program to help women and parents to develop the skills needed to create and run their own businesses, for me setting up people to look after themselves and run their own lives with freedom and confidence is everything.

Every organization should benefit you from diversifying gender roles. Similar top having people from different backgrounds and ages – it brings different ideas and views to a company–and it can help improve a company’s potential, it’s about using the best resources for a job. Bringing more women into C- level business positions promote a more welcoming; culture-makers it feels more inclusive and makes people feel like getting involved with the company. Diversity is such hot-button topics that people want to work with/ buys from/ promotes companies that champion diversity.

Financial advice is a highly competitive market, simply because the rules are so strict. We try and keep ahead of the curve, on the advice we give but, also by making sure we are transparent but how we do what we do.

I spend a lot of time promoting myself, my business, and my beliefs about women in business and feminism, as a result my phone is never that far from me – it runs my business, my life and my social media profiles. My other passion is reading so, when I don’t have an e-book in my hand – I spend a lot of my commute in daily listening to podcasts, audiobooks and ted talks about themes relevant to my life and business. I also have recently started to use other apps to ensure my mental wellbeing and that of those around me such as meditation and yoga apps.

I am hoping to help not just our business grow over the next 12 months but, also the businesses that credit themselves to our training and leadership scheme. I am hoping to open some new offices to provide bigger opportunity for women across the North West.

About the Author 

Rochelle, CEO of Wealth Of Knowledge, gives the opportunities to women to grow and manage their own businesses. She personally coaches women through different leadership program stages, aiming to open doors for them, and show them more of the world of business. She works with a charity in Greater Manchester and often gives talks to children and young adults at their events on getting women into business and the fight to be female leaders. She also has connections with local schools and works alongside with them to help encourage girls in to business. Rochelle is a leader at a local Girl Guiding Unit, she works with girls age 5-11 and helps them think about, where they want to be and encourages ’a girl can do anything’ attitude, her girls are working in the new term to start a simple Girl guiding business/ charity drive and the hope is that this will help instill the belief that they want more, as many of them have C-level aspirations.