Rose Araghchy: Being a Value Creator and Game Changer in Financial Services Industry

Rose Araghchy
Rose Araghchy | CPA Founder and President | R2 Advisors PC

Starting the business from scratch to become a prominent business leader in the financial services industry, Rose Araghchy is an inspiration to numerous women through her leadership. She is the Founder and President of R2 Advisors PC, leading with the motto to manage, compete, and sleep better knowing your finances are in their hands. Rose wants the company to be at a place that is smarter, innovative, more dynamic, and more flexible.

R2 Advisors PC provides financial advisory services, consulting services, compliance services, and asset management services to organizations, improves organizational effectiveness, and addresses clients’ most complex problems. The company is embracing change and want to help their partners tackle their challenges and improve their organizations by helping them adapt.

Building a Business from the Ground Up

Rose started working for various firms, learning to climb the corporate ladder at a young age. She worked with some of the best leaders in the industry and came across others that she would never follow into battle. She learned a lot about leadership working at the ‘Big 4’ and their clients. Among those, the most difficult challenge to overcome was not the late nights, difficult deadlines, or complex financials; it was daring to step away and build a business from the ground up.

Rose says, “The challenge of starting my own company had its complexities, but the shift from working for someone to building a brand and legacy you are responsible for has it’s a constantly evolving game of chess. The biggest thing to overcome is how you manage people both to create loyalty and hold them accountable for results. Many of the challenges were not taught in an academic environment and are skills that I have started to acquire with more experience.”

Providing a More Flexible Consulting Model

Rose says, “Gaining access to financial professionals with our background is hard. The average small to midsized business won’t be able to just contact a person at one of the big accounting firms or speak to an elite portfolio manager who has had that big corporate experience. At R2 Advisors, we wanted to change that.”

R2 Advisors wanted to create a smaller scale firm that provides significant experience and access to the tools, technology, and investments that big firms have access to. R2 Advisors also offer a more flexible consulting pricing model by eliminating and reducing the frustration of “surprises” sometimes found in professional services work. R2 Advisors PC’s models adapt to the needs of its customers and are elastic.

Ensuring Collaboration, Efficiency, and Effective Management

Rose says, “We love what we do. To be successful, you need to work with a team that shares the greater vision you have. How to get from A to B and navigate through obstacles in between.”

She adds, “Because our industry is highly regulated and includes a lot of deadlines, stress, data, and information; we try to tackle all these things through collaboration, communication, efficiency, and effective management.”

Rose wants to take an approach that motivate R2’s most “valuable asset our people,” and tries to take on different tasks that motivate R2’s people. They evaluate what type of benefits their employees want and where they want to be in the next 5 years and allow everyone to have a voice in shaping the future of R2 Advisors. R2 and its future growth rely on the vision of everyone on the team. They try to listen as much as possible and see how they can build a better company together.

Streamlining Different Functions of Organizations

Rose truly believes that adapting to technological change for any business is what ultimately keeps a company thriving in the current market.

R2 Advisors ensures that they use and partner with the best technological solutions for their clients. They try to access tech that the “big boys” only have access to. They negotiate and try to get the best possible costing models before implementing any technology that brings value to their clients. Process automation and streamlining different functions at an organization can tremendously improve bottom lines at businesses. Deciphering data through better analytics can enable leaders to make much better decisions. R2 Advisors PC brings those tools, implements them, and works with its clients to be able to adapt.

Internally, R2 Advisors PC uses the best technology to create efficiency as well.

Rose says, “At the end of the day, Leaders need to be both value creators who execute strategy and game-changers who innovate, and we live by that mantra.”

Reducing Barriers for Small Firms and Encouraging Female Leaders

Rose would like to reduce barriers to the market to gain momentum for newly emerging financial services firms. She expresses that smaller firms need to be given a greater chance to service institutions, grow their base, and gain access to more resources because they drive the economy.

Rose says, “We are in a new era where female leaders are just starting to feel more empowered. Keeping up with this momentum and supporting women in the financial services industry is important for future generations. I would love to see more women in finance lead the way.”

Providing Value to Clients in Innovative Ways

Alternative Investments and adaptation to the remote work revolution are the biggest changes that R2 Advisors PC is preparing for, and it wants to create and maintain an inclusive working world. Rose wants R2 Advisors to scale with client trust in mind. In the next couple of years, they are looking for more innovative ways to provide value to their clients and create a unique and inclusive culture internally.

R2 Advisors want to be able to gain more significant market share through institutional investments and fund administration services for their private equity clients as they are placing a huge focus on these areas. A lot of exciting new projects are in the works at R2. All while incorporating and trying to add an innovative edge to it.

Making the Working World a Better Place through Diversity

Rose says it is a very tough world to get heard as a woman. She shares precious wisdom for women entrepreneurs, “While you set on your entrepreneurial journey, keep in mind that occasional setbacks are inevitable. Keep your head up high and be confident because women who start businesses are usually the ones that help make the world a better place. Don’t ever lose a sense of integrity, empathy, and compassion. As more and more women become leaders, we will see an innovative business landscape that is diverse, tolerant, and looking to better the world.”