Sean Kennedy: Bridging the Gap between Business and Technology with Innovation, Growth and Success

Sean Kennedy
Sean Kennedy

Today, technology plays a crucial role in the success of companies, helping them to streamline their processes, enhance customer experience and ultimately grow their bottom line. In the fast-paced world of IT services and consulting, businesses are always on the lookout for innovative solutions to stay ahead of the curve.

The market is flooded with options, making it difficult for companies to make informed decisions about which provider to choose. It is in this rapidly evolving landscape this featured professional has made a significant impact with their expertise and vision.

Sean Kennedy, the Founder and President of the well-respected managed services provider TRG, understands this challenge all too well. With a passion for technology and a keen understanding of the industry, Sean has built a reputation for delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the needs of their customers. TRG has a proven track record of success, and its clients rave about their exceptional service and support.

In a highly competitive market, Sean has set himself apart by staying ahead of industry trends, fostering a culture of innovation and placing a strong emphasis on client satisfaction. It’s no wonder that TRG has become a trusted partner for businesses seeking endpoint management solutions that drive results. So, let’s take a closer look at the story of this entrepreneur and discover what makes their company a standout player in the IT industry.

Leadership Journey

When Sean started TRG in 2002, he was selling refurbished AIDC equipment and repair services from a shared office space in Cleveland, Ohio, where he saw an opportunity to create solutions that aided companies in reducing their operational costs by extending the lifecycle of their mobility products.

Sean expresses, “This was a relatively new offering in the space, and it required a lot of grit, persistence, and a “success or else” attitude that has gotten us to where we are today.” In 2013, the company began its global expansion efforts by opening offices in Europe and Canada. In 2018, TRG established a PCI-compliant key injection facility (KIF) at their headquarters in order to extend the capabilities into the retail/payments space. In 2023, they launched a KIF in Canada in order to support their Canadian retail customers.

And finally, earlier this year, they acquired two additional companies to solidify their ability to support customers all over the world. The acquisition of Real-World Communications in Toronto in January and then Symec Technologies with facilities in the UK and Poland in April helps them continue to serve their customers and scale as they scale.

But it’s always been important to Sean that no matter how much the organization grows its global footprint, its home office and headquarters in Cleveland will always be the hub. He was born and raised in Cleveland, where company culture has always been rooted in Midwest values. Sean is very proud to say that most of the original 15 people he first started the company with are still with him.

Denoting the feeling of gratitude, Sean says, “And I know that is a testament to how strong of a culture we’ve built.”

Empowering Advancements: TRG’s Vision

TRG is a global, privately owned managed services provider that manages the full lifecycle of every enterprise endpoint. Shedding light on the company’s mission, Sean shares, “Our mission is to lead the future of enterprise technology by driving bold endpoint solutions with a success-or-else approach.”

As a device-agnostic Master of Enterprise solutions, TRG doesn’t just sell and manage devices – they manage the full endpoint experience. Their services include forward and reverse logistics, maintenance and support, wireless and networking, unified endpoint management (UEM), media, and consumables for all labelling needs.

Along with TRG’s specific solutions, Sean also elaborated on its parent and sister companies.

  • TRG is part of a private holding company called TruWest Holdings and has access to its two sister companies to help provide an even more holistic endpoint experience.
  • Inversion6 is a cybersecurity company dedicated to protecting all endpoints.
  • River Capital is the leasing arm that helps companies find cost-effective solutions.

Driving Operational Efficiencies for TRG’s Customers

Explicitly stating the influence, Sean states, “We’ve really taken to heart the needs of our customers and have worked to provide the most comprehensive managed endpoint solutions services.”

It can be hard for organizations to manage many different vendors – it just takes a lot of time that could be dedicated to working on the business.

Sean also adds, “Where some companies specialize in one area of the device lifecycle, we make it our business to be experts in every area. When an organization is looking to add a new endpoint (a device with an operating system), TRG can recommend, procure, deploy, maintain, repair and dispose of it.

When TRG starts working with a customer, they don’t just want to be a vendor – they want to be their partner. With the breadth of services, TRG and its team are able to be a true extension of their team.

We know that most operations teams are usually struggling in one or more of these 3 areas:

  • People – just not having the manpower
  • Time – having competing priorities
  • Place – truly just not having enough space for everything they need to house

We’re able to help by filling any gaps that you have to help keep their operations running at full speed.”

Strategy-Driven Enterprise Technology Solutions

The enterprise technology space is constantly changing, especially with the rapid innovations that happen in mobility.

Supporting the technological extension at TRG, Sean elucidates, “We’re regularly communicating with our customers to ease their pain points and make our partnership as valuable as possible.

Adding to the same, he also says, “We’re able to utilize best-in-class technology to revolutionize our custom solutions to ensure they’re able to work with us seamlessly. We always solve from within and never farm out.”

Culture Insights

To be a leader in the industry, TRG has developed a high-performing team and culture that mirrors nature’s highest-performing team, the wolf pack. They call their team – Team Alpha.

Emphasizing on the name, Sean mentions, “In the world of the wolf, there’s more than one Alpha—there’s an Alpha team. What makes TRG’s Team Alpha strong is the ability to leverage the skills of the individuals for the good of all.”

TRG’s culture rallying cry is, “The strength of the pack is the wolf. The strength of the wolf is the pack.”

Future-Proofing Strategies

According to Sean, the enterprise technology space is always changing. But one of the biggest areas witnessing the most significant change right now is warehouse automation. Companies are starting to test out bringing robotics into their warehouses to compensate for the labor shortage.

On leveraging this to TRG’s advantage, Sean highlights his plans, saying, “We’re working with several robotics vendors to start testing out what that type of solution could be like.”

Where TRG is Going

TRG has a heavy acquisition strategy planned for the next several years, especially overseas. While they’ve been able to develop comprehensive services in-house, they also want to be the biggest managed services provider in the world.

They’re looking to expand their capabilities across the globe with no intention of slowing down anytime soon.

Tailored Success

Success or else is TRG’s mantra, and they live this with three key customer-focused principles, as stated by Sean:

  • “We’re fast and agile: Streamlining technology doesn’t work if it takes a lifetime. We make sure to get our customers up and running as timely as possible.”
  • “We accept any challenge: Complicated doesn’t scare us. Give us any challenge, and we’ll work to solve it.”
  • “Failure isn’t in our vocabulary: We’re not even sure what it means. We make sure we’re delivering what you need–and if we don’t, we work to make it right.”

Entrepreneurial Advice

And, at the end of it all, Sean is an inspiration to leverage the power of technology in business endeavors.

“Figure out what your company stands for as it relates to each of your key audiences – customers, partners and employees – and stay true to that,” says Sean.

TRG has always had its relationships with each of those audiences at its front and center, and they’ve never lost focus on that, which is what Sean thinks has made it so successful. As the organization has grown, it has never lost sight of who they serve and why it matters. According to Sean’s thinking, authenticity in leadership is why TRG has employees who have stayed with the organization throughout their entire careers and many customers who have been loyal for 20 years.